Abu-Nimer, Prof. Mohammed



Date of Birth:  June 12, 1962;            Legal Status: US Citizen;

Address: SIS, American University, 4400 Massachusetts Ave, Washington DC 20016

Tel. 202 885 1656, Fax 202 885 1661, E-Mail: abunimer@american.edu         




YEAR                INSTITUTE                        SUBJECT                             DEGREE

1989-1993            George Mason University            Conflict Resolution     Ph.D.                        Fairfax, VA

1984-1987            Hebrew University                    Education                        Master             Jerusalem

1981-1984            Hebrew University                        Sociology and Edu.            Bachelor            Jerusalem

1983-1984            Wahat Al/Salam                         Facilitation training             Certificate            Jerusalem

                        Neve Shalom




2007-present            Full  Professor, School of International Service (SIS), International Peace and Conflict Resolution, American University, Washington DC.

1997-2007            Assistant and Associate Professor, School of International Service (SIS), International Peace and Conflict Resolution, American University, Washington DC.

1997-present             Associate Faculty, Conflict Transformation Program, Summer Institute, Eastern Mennonite University, Harisonburg, VA.

2003-present            Senior Fellow, United Nations Peace University, Costa Rica  

1993-1997            Assistant Professor in Sociology, Guilford College, Greensboro, North Carolina.

1996-1997            Associate Faculty, Conflict Resolution Program, McGregor School of Antioch University, Yellow Spring, Ohio.




2000- present            Director of Peacebuilding and Development Institute, School of International Service, American University.  

1997-present            Director of The Conflict Resolution Skills Institutes, School of International Service, International Peace and Conflict Resolution Program, American University.

2002- Present            Director and Founder of Salam:  Peacebuilding and Justice Institute

1995-1997            Director, Conflict Resolution Resource Center, Guilford College, Greensboro, NC.

1995                Coordinator of the Peace and Conflict Studies, Guilford College.

1989-1992            Research Assistant, Center for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, VA.

1992-1993            Curriculum Developer (with Macro International), Silver Spring, MD. 

1987-1989            Program Coordinator: Arab-Jewish Relations in Arab Schools, Van Leer Institution, Jerusalem.

1984-1988            Senior Counselor and Trainer, Institute for Arab-Jewish Education for Co-Existence.



2007-2008            Jennings Randolph Senior Peace Fellow –USIP

2007                IDRC Second Grant for Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, Center for Global peace.

2007-2008            Smith Richardson grant for evaluation of Madarasa in Pakistan

2007                Promoted to Full Professor at SIS/AU

2007                The Reconciliation and Justice Book was selected as the Berghof Foundation's 100 essential books for conflict transformation.

2006- 2005            Principal investigator. Democracy, Good Governance, and Leadership (Georgia-Abkhazia). World Learning 

2005                Principal investigator for Learning Each Other Historical Narrative. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Citizen Exchange office (USA). Partnership with PRIME.

2005                Co Principal investigator for IDRC grant for Journal of Peacebuilding and Development (JPD). Center for Global Peace

2005                Morton Deutsch Award 2005, from the Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict, and Violence, Division 48 of the American Psychological Association, for contribution to the field of peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

2005                Principal investigator for Wilson Center Grant for Training for Trainers in Conflict Resolution. PBDI.

2004                Faculty Research Award for summer 2004, for interfaith project in

                        the Middle East.

2004                Principal investigator for Cypriots Youth Community Leadership and Peace. AMIDEAST (Summer Peacebuilding and Development, American University).

2004                Awarded as the principal investigator a research grant on School for Peace,

Neveshalom/Wahat Al Salam, Friends of Neve Shalom/Wahat Al Salam


2003                Outstanding Teaching Award in Full Time Appointment for 2002-2003

2003                Nominated for University Faculty Award for Outstanding Full Time Appointment

2003                Teaching Excellence Award, American Political Science Association. 

2002-2003            Visiting Fellowship at the Joan B. Kroc Institute, Notre Dame University.

2001-2003             Principal investigator for a grant provided by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Citizen Exchange office (USA), on: Uneasy Partners: Amalgamating Human Rights and Peace in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

2001-2002             United States Institute for Peace (USIP). Solicited. A research grant on

                        Peacebuilding and Islam.

1999-2000             Visiting Research Fellow, Harry Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace.

2001                American University, Faculty Development Funds, Developed new course on Reconciliation, Summer 2001. 

2000                SIS, Faculty Development Funds, Field Research on Conflict Resolution and Culture.

1995-97            Annual Kenan Grant for Faculty Development, Guilford College, NC

1996                Fellowship from the American Research Center in Egypt, New York, 1996-97.

1991                Dissertation Grant, The Ford Foundation: The Middle East Division of Individual Grants, New York, 1991-93.

1991                A "Peace Scholar" Award-USIP (United States Institute for Peace), Washington, D.C, September 1991-September 1992.

1990                Graduate Fellowship, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, 1990-1992.

1989                Fellowship from USIFE (United States-Israel Foundation for Education), Tel-Aviv, July 1989-July 1991.

1987                Cum Laude, Hebrew University





Conflict Resolution Between Arabs and Jews in Israel: A Study of Six Intervention Models, George Mason             University, VA, May 1993.


Journal Editor

2001- present. Cofounder and Co editor of Journal of Peace building and Development

Volume 1. No. 1and 2, 2003                Volume 2, No. 3 2006

Volume 2. No. 1 and 2, 2004                Volume 3. No. 1, 2005

Volume 3. No. 2, 2006             Volume 4.1, 2007



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2007    Chaired and Organized Second Annual Conference of Muslim peacebuilding network. Salam Institute and Center for Global Peace, at American University, May 2007.

2007    State of the Field: A Research Agenda for Conflict Resolution, at Point of View: The Center for

Advanced Studies in Conflict Dynamics and Intervention Workshop Program, 30, 2007.

2007            Washington DC. A Panel on :The Crisis in Interfaith Relations in the Middle East. USIP. April 24. 2007.

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2007            Nonviolence and Peace in Islam. Residential Institute Keynote, Conflict Resolution Program at

            Nova Southeastern University (NSU), October 2007.

2007    Religion and Peace: Interfaith Dialogue in the Middle East. A Keynote for the Goldstein Chair at

            Washington College,  November 10, 2007.

2007            Alternatives to War and Violence: An Islamic Perspective. (with Jamal Badawi). A conference on Abrahamic Perspectives on Alternatives to War" Sponsored by: Churches’ Center for Theology and Public Policy, June 13-15, 2007

2006    New Orleans.  The Morton Deutsch Award Keynote lecture for Division 48. American

Psychology Association Annual Conference meeting.  August 8

2006            Religious Peacebuilding and Faith-Based Mediation:  The Challenge of Jerusalem.

Tantur Ecumenical Institute, Jerusalem. A Conference and Dialogue sponsored by,  The Program in Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding, The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame. March 14-16, 2006

2006    Chaired First Annual Conference on: Muslim Peacebuilding: Approaches and Practices. Salam

Institute and Islamic Society of North American (ISANA ) April 2006.

2006    Co-chaired a conference on: Christian- Muslim Dialogue.  Fuller Seminary and Salam Institute. Passadena, California. April 2006.

2006            Moderated a Panel on : How the Tsunami Affected the Conflicts in Aceh and Sri Lanka, A Symposium on Lessons of Recovery Aid After the 2004 Tsunami. Peacebuilding and Development Institute. (PBDI). American University.

2005    Chaired a Panel on “Religion and Nonviolence.” In: Celebrating Nonviolence and International Conference in Palestine.  Sponsored by Nonviolence International.  12/27-30/ 2005.

2005            Presented on “Islam and Nonviolence” In: Celebrating Nonviolence and International Conference in Palestine.  Sponsored by Nonviolence International.  12/27-30/ 2005.

2005            Keynote speaker on: Interfaith Dialogue and Nonviolence resistance in Israel Palestine. At conference: Ending the Silence: Working for Just Peace in Palestine and Israel. Denver. Friends of Sabeel in North America. October 21-22, 2005

2005            Facilitated  a panel with Vise President of Sudan (Kiri) on Sudanese Peace Process. (Sponsored by Peacebuilding Institute, American University.

2005            Netherlands. Hague International Conference on Role of Religion in Peace Processes.  Chaired opening session and presented report findings on Muslim Peace and Interfaith organizations.  Hosted by Netherlands Foreign Ministry and Clingendale Institute.

2004             Keynote speaker on: The Arab American and Muslim Experience After September 11 at Racial

            Legacies & Learning xii:  How To Talk About Race, The Twelfth Town Meeting With Higher

Education  and Its Community Partners, Harry T. Wilks Conference Center, Miami University Hamilton.

2004             Keynote speaker at the Friends Committee on National Legislation Annual Meeting

            “Challenges and Possibilities in Interfaith Peacebuilding: A Muslim Perspective.” Georgetown

            University Conference Center

2004             Keynote speaker for Pendle Hell Peace Network. Conference on Walking the Way of Peace:

            “Reconciliation in the Face of Horror”

2004             Keynote speaker  Israel-Palestine 2004: From Despair and Violence to Advocacy and Activism for Peace, Olympia, Washington, Evergreen College, Peace and Justice Studies.

2004    Lecture on Human Rights and Peace in Israel Palestine, University of Maryland Center for Conflict Management.

2003    Key note speaker: Appreciating Diversity: A Foundation for Peace and Justice.  Cultural Diversity conference. Middle Tennessee State University  October 30.

2003    Chaired a Panel on Islam, Nonviolence and Reconciliation.  Islamic Synthesis Conference, Alexandria, Egypt  October 2-4. A closed conference sponsored by Alexandria Library and American University.

2003    Chaired a Panel on Pax Americana and the Bush Doctrine: What is Peace When is Peace?

            Panel was part of a larger conference on Ethics When Cultures Clash. Sponsored by: The Joan and David Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics, Arizona State University, February 27-28.

2003            Respondent in a panel on: Resisting Terror: Women, Agency, and the Micro Politics of the Sri Lanka Every Day Life. The panel was part of Joan Kroc conference on: Women and the Contested State: Religion, Violence and Agency in South Asia. April 11-12, 2003, University of Notre Dame. (A Conference by the Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding Program).

2002            Embracing Cultural Diversity and Religions as Peace-Building Forces. Conference of the Global Network of Religions for Children (GNRC). NY, Mary Knoll Arigatou Foundation.  May13.

2002    Chaired a panel on Evaluation of Peacebuilding Intervention. Annual Conference of International Studies            Association, New Orleans, March 2002.

2001    Co-Chaired (with Cynthia Sampson) an international conference on: Positive Approaches to Peacebuilding. American University, Washington DC.

2001    Chaired a Panel on: Conflict, Peace, and Integration. International Studies Association (ISA). Chicago, February 2001.

2000    Chaired and organized a panel on: Conflict Resolution. Pluralism and Democracy: The Promise and Challenge. Annual Conference of World Movement for Democracy, Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Sponsored by National Endowment for Democracy).

1999            Organized and chaired an international conference on: Justice and Peace through Reconciliation,

and Coexistence Alternatives, American University, Washington DC.

1999            Participated in a working group discussion on Future of Interreligious Cooperation in Bosnia and Hertzegovina, USIP, Washington DC (organized by David Little).

1999            Discussant in a panel with Saadia Toval. “Arab Citizens in Israel: National to Multicultural Options.” Association for Israeli Studies (AIS), American University, Washington, DC.

1998    Chaired a panel on: “Alternative Models of Coexistence.” In Cultural Diversity in Islam

Conference, Sponsored by Islamic Said Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace, at the American University.

1998    Panel on the Middle East Peace and Iraq Crises, Moral Rearmament, Vermont College,

Washington, DC, 1998.

1997            Moderated a panel on “Sharing Jerusalem: Two Capitals for Two Nations,” at American University, sponsored by Middle East Task Force, Center for Global Peace and AU Movement for Global Justice.




2006 -  Pres.             Faculty Chair of SIS Ph.D. Committee

2004-2005             And (1998-2002) SIS, Ph.D. Student Committee

2000-2002             AU Undergraduate committee

2000-2003             Middle-State University Review Committee

1998-1999            AU Graduate Students Senate Committee.

1998                IPCR Curriculum Committee, American University

1998                IPCR Internship Coordinator, American University

1995-1997            Intercultural Studies Committee, Guilford College

1994-1997            Peace and Conflict Studies Committee, Guilford College

1995                Chair of the Peace and Conflict Studies Committee, Guilford College.

1994                The Judicial Board Committee, Guilford College




2007            Advisory Board of Arab Center for Law and Policy

2007    Review Panel for World Peace Index

2007    Review Board of Standard Research Grants program of the Social Sciences

            and Humanities Research Council of Canada

2007    Review Board of The Research Council of Norway

2006-Present            Coexistence International Advisory Board, Brandies University.

2006-Present            Editorial Board of International Journal of Transitional Justice. Oxford University Press.

2006-Present            Steering Committee for the Alternatives to War Consultation

2007-present            International Board of American Israel Palestine MIDI Music Program

2006-Present                Mosaica: The Jerusalem Center for Inter-religious Cooperation 

2006-Present            Review Board for of Grants from the Research Council of Norway (RCN)

2006-Prsent            Governing Board of World Dialogue

2005-Present            SIS, Ph.D. Committee Chair

2005-Prsent            Advisory Board for Hand Along the Nile.

2005                Steering committee, International Conference on Nonviolence (Nonviolence International)

2005-Prsent             Advisory Board of Abraham’s Vision

2005-present `            Advisory Board for Friends of Galilee society in USA.

2004-Present            Board of Trustees of Israeli Palestinian Research and Information Center, (IPCRI) USA.

2004                International Advisory Board for Palestinian Review Journal 

2004-Prsesent            Advisory Review Board Just Vision: Middle Eastern Peace Initiative

2004-2006            Advisory Board for Conflict Transformation Project, Fuller Seminary, CA

2004-2005            Advisory Board for the film Promises

2004-Present            Faculty Advisory Committee, the Center for Democracy and Election Management, AU.

2003                Advisory Board Educators for Social Responsibility

2003-2004            Advisory Committee for Islamic Conflict Resolution Conference.

2003-Present            Advisory Committee for Center for Election and Democracy, American University.

2003-Present            Member of Advisory Committee of Kumarian Press

2002-Present            Member of the Honorary Advisory Board peace and Justice studies (PJSA)

2001- 2003            Executive Committee. Peace Studies Section. International Studies Association. (ISA).

2002-2004            Hands Raised Together (HaRT) Board Member

2002 -2004            United States Institute of Peace, review board for Peace Scholar dissertation fellowships

2001- Present            Editorial board of OJPCR: The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution.

2000-2004            Member of the International Academy for Intercultural Research.

1996-2000            National Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution. (NCPCR).

2000-1                         Reviewing board, Grant Program of the United States Institute for Peace (USIP).

2001-2003            Member of the Advisory Committee for Middle East Network for Democracy (MEND)

2000- Present            Board member of Center for Global Peace, American University, Washington DC.

2000- 2002            Executive Committee of Peace Studies at International Association Studies (ISA).

2000- Present            Co-Editor of Journal of Development and Peacebuilding (Co-Founder of the Journal)

1999- 2000            Board  of Cantilevers: Building Bridges for Peace. A Quarterly International Magazine

1997-1999             Board Member of the Association for Israeli Studies (AIS)

1997- 1999            Member of the Editorial Board of the Peace and Change Journal

1996-1998            Co-Chair of the Section on University Peace Study Programs (COPRED)

1999 - 2000            Co-Chair, Multicultural Network, Consortium Peace, Research and Education- COPRED

1997-1999            Board Member of the Middle East Task Force (METF)

1999-2000            Advisory Council of Collaborative for Leadership for Social Change, Washington DC.

1996-1998            Abraham Fund Reviewing Board for grant proposals on Arab-Jewish Coexistence.

1994                Member of Middle East Studies Association (MESA).




Yale Press                                                                    DOMES (Journal on Middle East Affairs)

Columbia Press                                                            Journal of Peace and Change

SUNY Press                                                                Journal of Middle East Studies

Greenwood Publishing Group                                      International Journal of Interculutral Relations

Journal of Palestine Studies                                     Rutgers University Press

International Negotiation Journal                         Book Partners Inc.

Millennium                                                                    Rutledge

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis  USIP

(IIASA)                                                                       United Nation Peace University

Kumarian Press                                                            Syracuse University Press

Palgrave Macmillan




2007            Alexandria, Egypt. Led a workshop with Forum for Intercultural Dialogue (FID) on Arabic

            Manual for Interfaith Dialogue, June 2007.

2007    Led an American Muslim Peace and Justice Delegation to Iran. Conducted seven lectures and

            seminars with Iranian civil society and academicians. . November 2007

2007            Approaches to Multi-Track Diplomacy. Defense Information School. Maryland May 2, 2007.

2007    Multi-Track Peace Process Support: Comparative Perspectives from the Field-CMM. For

            USAID, Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation. June 12, 2007

2007             Interfaith Dialogue: Limitations and Possibilities in the Middle East. Conflict Resolution Program at Nova Southeastern University (NSU), October 2007.

2007            Presented on: Interfaith Dialogue in the Middle East. A Panel on Interfaith Crisis in the Middle East. USIP. Washington DC.

2007    EMU (Conflict Transformation Program). Multiculturalism, Religion, and Conflict Resolution (with Vernie Davis).

2006    Led an official delegation to the Imam ibn Saud University in Saudia Arabia (Sponsored by Center for Global Peace, American University). 

2006            Virginia. Co facilitated Muslim Evangelical Interfaith training. (Adam Center, Leasburg). Sponsored by ISNA, Fuller Seminary, and Salam Institute. 7/2006

2006            Canada. Co Led a conference-workshop on: Islamic Education for Peace Curriculum. United Nation Peace University  (UPEACE) and Salam Institute for Peace and Justice. May 2006.

2006            Washington DC. Led a workshop for Muslim Community leaders and Imams on Islamic

Approaches of Conflict Resolution. Salam Institute  and Center for Leadership, ISNA. April 2006

2006    Sri Lanka, Advisor to Muslim Peace Secretariat.  Lecture on Islamic Peace, Jaic Hilton

Colombo. Lecture to Journalist on Media and Peacebuilding; Lecture on Conflict

Resolution at Bandarganika Center for International Studies (BCIS)  March 2006. 

2006            American University, Workshop on Basic Facilitation Skills for Dialogue.

2006            Maryland, Training on Iraq and Israeli Palestinian conflict dynamics (Arabic), Titan Corp.  2005            Nepal, Katmandu. Co-led a workshop on Conflict Resolution and Change in Conflict and

Development.  (CARE senior mangers), 5-8, 2005. 

2005            Thailand, Bangkok. Led a Workshop on Managing Relationship and Change: Role of Culture and Conflict Resolution (Regional CARE Managers ILCA Project), June 2-4, 2005.

2005    Sri Lanka. Colombo. Lectured  on Inclusion in Negotiation: Lessons from Israel and Palestine. Sponsored by Muslim Peace Secretariat. (PSM). (8, 21, 2005); Sri Lanka, Colombo. Lectured on Management of Radical Militancy –Palestinian Israeli Context.  Bandaranaike Center for International Studies (SCIS). 8, 24, 2005. Islam, Peace, and Nonviolence. Hilton Hotel Colombo. Sponsored by Muslim Peace Secretariat. (PSM). (8, 23, 2005).Led a workshop conference on interfaith religious peacemaking: Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, and Christian religious leaders (Trioncomali area) sponsored by AED and Interreligious Peace Foundation.  8, 25-26, 2005

2007            Switzerland, Caux. Scholars Program, a summer training course on Culture and Conflict Resolution (Initiative for Change program) (since 2005, 2003, 2001, 1999, 1997, 1994, 1993).

2005    Sabanci University, Turkey. Taught course, Culture and Conflict Resolution. 4-7 April 2005

2005            Mindanao, Philippines. Solu, Jolo.  Led a two day regional conference on peacebuilding and religion. Sponsored by Catholic Relief Services and Notre Dame University

2005            Mindanao, Philippines. Taught courses on: Inter-religious Peacebuilding, Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute (MPI). Davao, May 2005.

2005    Denver, CO. Led a workshop on: Nonviolence Resistance in Palestine and Israel: Lessons and Challenges. At the conference: ending the Silence: Working for Just peace in Palestine and Israel. Denver. Friends of Sabeel in North Maerica.10, 21-22, 2005

2000-2004            Mindanao, Philippines. Taught courses on Inter-religious Peacebuilding, and Intercultural Conflict Resolution Skills, Mindanao Peacebuilding Institute (MPI).

2001-2007            Peacebuilding and Development Institute (PDI) American University. Culture, Religion, and Conflict Resolution (2001 co-taught with Mitchell Hammer).

2001-2006            Peacebuilding and Development Institute (PDI) American University. Training for Trainers in Peacebuilding and Development. (2001 co-taught with Mary-Hope Schwoebel).

2003-2006            United Nations Peace University. Costa Rica. Facilitated course on: Culture of Violence: Towards Culture of Peace.

2001-2004            EMU (Conflict Transformation Program). Multiculturalism, Religion, and Conflict Resolution. (Dialogue, Summer 2004).

2004    Atlanta, a workshop for Senior World Vision Management: Peacebuilding and Interfaith   

2004            Nazareth, Israel. A workshop for 75 NGO leaders on: Lessons from Conflict Areas: Mindanao, Sri Lanka, and Israel.  Sponsored by: Network for Arab-Jewish Coexistence Organizations.

2004    Israel, Negev. Conflict Assessment project with Bedouin with Consensus Building International

            (CBI- Harvard group).

2004            Gettysburg College, PA. Lectured on Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies

2004            Mindanao, Philippines. Zambuanga City. Led a two day regional conference on Role of religious leaders in peacemaking. Sponsored by Catholic Relief Services and Inter-religious Solidarity.

2004            Jerusalem. Led a workshop: Israeli Palestinian Women for Nonviolent Action. Sponsored by Search for Common Ground and Middle East Nonviolent and Democracy (MEND).

2004    United Religious Initiative (URI), San Francisco, led a one day workshop for the Board of Directors on Interfaith Peacebuilding.

2003    United Nations Peace University, Costa Rica. Workshop: Graduate Peace Education Curriculum.

2003            Washington . One-day workshop for Iraq Foundation Staff on Dialogue and Peacebuilding for Post Iraq context: Role of Local and International NGOs.

2003    Israel. Furedies. Facilitated a one-day workshop on Interfaith Peace Encounter. Sponsored by Interfaith Encounter association, Women Interfaith group. 

2003    Israel- Palestine. Member of facilitation team (with Congressman Solarez, president of American University, and American University Vise President for International Affairs). Conducted meetings with Palestinian and Israeli officials and NGOs on the Obstacles and Potentials for conducting Elections in the Palestinian Occupied Territories.  The meeting was sponsored by the center for Election and Democracy, January 5-11, 2003.

2003    Israeli-Palestine. Led a workshop on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution for Palestinian and Israeli NGO leaders. 26 Palestinians and Israelis met in north Israel to discuss ways to improve their work in both fields of human rights and conflict resolution.  January 30 - February 3, 2003.

2002    Brazil, Rio. Co-led a course on: Skills and Approaches for Religious Peacebuilding. United Religious Initiative  (URI).

2002             Mindanao. Philippines. Peacebuilding and development in Social Funds II Project. World Bank, Led a team of experts on integrating peace and Development in Social Funds II. 

2002             Portland, Main. Facilitated a meeting between Arab and Jewish Americans and Israeli

and Palestinian leaders, on Peace and Dialogue in USA policy. (Clapboard Island Retreat)

2002    Brazil, Rio. Co-led the URI Global Assembly: Religious Source of Peace and Conflict.

2002            Mindanao, Philippines. World Bank Social Funds II. Peace and Development.

2002    Training coordinator for Americorp Project for Refugees and Immigrant Services, Lutheran Social Services, Washington DC. (Since 1999)

2002    Sri Lanka. Conducted workshops for VOICE Project at CARE in Evaluation of Peacebuilding and Development Intervention (Interethnic Dialogue in organizational context), as well as a workshop for Tea Estates managers on Conflict Management Tea Plantations (CARE Project).

2001    Costa Rica. United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica. Designing Peace program.

2001    Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue: Pitfalls and Potentials. Meeting with Israeli and Palestinian delegations to the USA, at American University. (Sponsored by CRS and IFOR).

2001    Bosnia. Training in Interfaith Dialogue for a group of Bosnian Muslim Imams. Sponsored by the Grand Mufti of Bosnia and the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS).

2001    School of International Training (Contact program). Taught a course on: Culture, Religion, and Conflict Resolution, to international students. (Also in summer 2000).

2001    EMU (Conflict Transformation program). A one-day lecture and discussion on “Peacebuilding in Islamic Communities.” (A summer course on Religion and Peacebuilding). 

2001    Conflict Resolution Program, Antioch University. Conflict Resolution and Multiculturalism.

2000    Sri Lanka. Conducted workshops for CARE staff in peacebuilding and development (Interethnic Dialogue in organizational context) and community conflict resolution for NGOs.

2000    EMU (Conflict Transformation program) Co-taught with Cynthia Sampson a summer course on Skills for Interreligious Peacebuilding.

2000    Conflict Resolution and Intercultural Training. A workshop co-conducted for the Annual conference of National Institute for Multiculturalism. October, (with Vernie Davis- also in 1999).

2000            Conservation International, White Fish, Montana. Presentation for international development officers on: Peacebuilding and Development: Basic Applications.

2000            Columbia University. The Program for Conflict Resolution Training, Institution and Capacity Building for Kurds in Northern Iraq. Presentation on: Conflict Resolution Concepts and Middle Eastern Culture.

1999    Carter Center, Atlanta. A presentation for Interreligious Friendship Group and ex-president Carter on Interreligious Peacebuilding (the group created by the Dalai Lama).

1999            Mauritius. Facilitated a workshop in peacebuilding and interethnic conflict for community leaders, politicians, and media experts, first workshop on the Island (Mauritius Peace Initiative).

1999   Sri Lanka. A workshop for CARE staff on Tamil and Sinhalese interethnic dialogue (IMTD)

1999    Sri Lanka. Conducted a series of interviews and  seminars on peacebuilding (CARE and IMTD).

1999    Bonn, Germany. Conducted a two-day seminar on Religion and Peacebuilding in Development, workshop for EZE (Protestant Foundation for Relief and Aid programs).

1999            Switzerland. A summer course for Moral Rearmament on Culture and Conflict Resolution.

1999    Boston, Harvard University. Co-facilitated an Israeli-Palestinian Problem Solving Workshop with Herbert Kelman. 

1999            Northern Ireland. Resource person for American, British, and German Parliament members in the Oxford Forum annual meeting. Forum focused on conflict resolution.

1999    Sri Lanka. Conflict Resolution in Relief and Development Projects. Trained CARE staff and country directors in South East Asia. (Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy).

1998            Northern Ireland, Peacebuilding Training for Diplomats. Trained ambassadors and diplomats in Center for International Understanding annual conference (CIU). 

1998    Gaza, Palestine. Training For Trainers in Peace Building. Trained Students’ political party representatives and NGOs representatives. Sponsored by Palestinian Center for Conflict Resolution and Search for Common Ground, Washington DC.

1998            Amman, Jordan. Development and Peacebuilding Training for CARE International. Trained CARE staff and directors from various Middle East countries in peacebuilding strategies and tools which can be applied in both development and relief areas. (Sponsored by IMTD: Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy).

1998            Americorp, NC. ACCESS Project. A training Workshop on Intercultural Conflict Resolution.

1998    Burk, VA, United Methodist Church. A training in Conflict Resolution skills. Sponsored by: General Board of Church and Society.

1998-1997  Egypt. Conflict Resolution Training for Trainer, I. and II. Sponsored by NCME (National Center For Middle East Research, Cairo) and the Search For Common Ground.

1997            Guatemala. Conflict resolution training for senior managers of CARE (International relief and development organization).

1997    West Africa, Sierra Leone. Conducted conflict resolution training for CARE (International Relief and development agency). Sponsored by IMTD (Institute for MultiTrack Diplomacy).

1997    Gaza. Conducted an advanced Community Conflict Resolution Training workshops for Gaza Conflict Resolution Team, Sponsored by Search For Common Ground.

1996    Gaza Mental Health Program. Conducted two training programs. Conflict Resolution workshop for community activists, police force, labor unions, and academicians, and an in service training in facilitation team building, mediation for Gaza Team For Conflict Resolution.

1995            Americorps, North Carolina. Training Coordinator. Led a series of works shops in community building with 30 grassroots leaders from various immigrant communities (Cambodian, Korean, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Latino, Buddhist, and others).

1995    New Garden Friends School. Co-led (Terry Austin, AFS) two workshops on: “Education for             Multiculturalism for Parents and Staff.”

1995    Boston: Led a workshop for multi cultural trainers on training Arab-Jewish encounter groups, sponsored by the Seed Of Peace.

1994    and 1995 Palestine, Gaza. Led (with American and South African trainers) a five-days conflict resolution workshop for Palestinian high rank police and military officers, community organizers, and professionals (psychologists and social workers).

1994    Egypt, Cairo. Led two workshops for high-level Egyptian officials in Conflict Resolution. On: the application of western Conflict Resolution in a Middle Eastern community.

1993    New York, Rochester University. Led a conflict resolution workshop on: Racial Relations on Campus, sponsored by the Students' Union.

1993    Ireland, Dublin. Participated in facilitating a group of 23 Diplomats (Ambassadors from 14 countries) on the Palestinian Israeli conflict, by the Center For International Understanding.

1993            Switzerland, Geneva. Trained 24 international graduate students in conflict resolution and cross-

            cultural programs (Sponsored by the MRA -Moral Re-Armament).

1992    Boston, Harvard School of International Relations. Led a problem solving workshop for Palestinian and Israeli journalists, academics, and professionals (with Professor Herbert Kelman).

1991            Virginia, Arly House. Assisted in convening a problem solving workshop for Parliament and political representatives of both Catholic and Protestant leaders from Northern Ireland.





2007    SIS Portal Orientation Keynote Address on Friday, 8, 24, 2007

2007            American University. Middle East Peace: A panel discussion on Israel, Palestine, and Lebanon.

April 4, 2007 Sponsored by SPCR; Center for Global Peace,  and Arab Studies

2007            Dialogue on Islamic Peacemaking: Report on a Mission to Iran. November 20, 2007 USIP.

2007    US Capital. The Role of Religion in Conflict Prevention & Peacemaking. The United Nations

Association (National Capital Area) Young Professionals for International Cooperation And International Consortium on Religion, Culture, and Dialogue  Peace & Security February 28

2007            American University. Lecture on Islamic Sources of Peace and Intrafaith dialogue. Pakistani

            leaders of main Madrasa systems. Fulbright visitors. Sponsored by ICRD, June 4, 2007.

2007            Washington DC. United Arab Emirate Embassy. Lecture on Multi-track Diplomacy for Embassy

            staff, September, 2007.  

2007            Assessment of Israeli Palestinian conflict Based on Mearsheimer-Walt report. Lecture for :

            Network of Spiritual Progressives and Tikkun members. Sept. 12, 2007

2007            National Defense University Industrial College of the Armed Forces Human Differences in

Social Conflict; Cross Cultural Communication.  February and April 2007.

2007    George Washington University. Elliot School. Arab Jewish Dialogue Models. Graduate program in Middle east studies. Nov. 2007

2007            American University. Islamic sources of Peace. Lecture for 20 Fulbright exchange visitors: Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh. 11/6/2007

2007            American University, Center for Elections and Democracy. Nonviolence, conflict resolution and

            Democracy. Conference on Elections for participants form various Gulf States. December 14.

2007    Emory University, Atlanta. Lecture on peacebuilding and Interfaith dialogue in Middle East.

Sponsored by: The Religion, Conflict, and Peacebuilding Initiative.    

2006    George Mason University, ICAR. Point View Keynote. Panel Presentation Arab and the West.  (A response to Milton Viorst book).

2006            American University. Panelist in: Crisis in Lebanon, Israel and Gaza. Arab Studies Program and Middle East research and Information Project (MERIP).

2006    Future of Peace in the Holy Land. A panel presentation at the 8th international Conference of Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation. Washington Dc. Oct. 20-21-06

2006            Washington DC.  Lecture on Evaluation of Peacebuilding and Development program in Conflict and humanitarian crisis areas.  Conflict management and Mitigation (CMM).

2006            Washington DC. Lecture on Peacebuilding and Negotiation. USAID Delegation of political leaders from Darfor.

2006            Washington DC. Lecture on: Lining Peacebuilding and Development in Conflict Zone.  AED: American Education and Development

2006             American University. “Israeli Palestinian Elections and their Implications on Future of the

Region.”  SIS.

2006            American University. “The Humanitarian Condition in Palestine and the Potential Impact of

Stopping Aid.”  Student for Justice in Palestine at American University.

2005             Washington DC. Lectured on: “Peacebuilding in Islam”. Fuller Seminary Advisory Board annual

            Meeting.  2/2005

2005    Wilson Center, lectured on: Peacebuilding field. Leadership Training at American University. 7/10

2005            Washington DC. Presented: Evaluation in Peacebuilding and Development. Chemonics.

2005            American University, SIS Faculty Symposium . Interfaith Dialogue in the Middle East. 

2005    Sabanci University, Turkey. Lectured on Islam Peacebuilding and Nonviolence, April 5, 2005.

2005            Washington DC, Panel presentation on Islam and Peace. Fuller Seminary Board of Trustees Meeting. Feb. 2, 2005.

2005            University of Maryland. Center for Conflict Management. Lectured on Dialogue and Conflict Resolution in Israel Palestine (January 7, 2005).

2005            American University. Faculty Symposium. 

2005             American University. Panel on: Middle East the Prospects for Peace. Sponsored by the office of

            University Chaplains.

2004             Abrahamic Traditions; Path to Reconciliation and Peace. A panel presentation at Interfaith and

            Peace. Sponsored by Interfaith Alliance. (Washington DC.)2004.

2004    A Panel Discussion: Remembering Arafat: Reflections on the Past, Vision for the Future,

            American University.

2004    West Virginia. Ezekiel’s Place Retreat Center. A Presentation on: “Nonviolence and

Peacebuilding in Israel Palestine.” 

2004            McDaniel College. Lectured on: Prospects for Peace in the Middle East.

2004    The Road to Peace in Israel-Palestine: Challenges and Possibilities. Kay Chapel, AU

2004    Panel participant at CHF/SAIS workshop on “Exploring Dynamics between Community-Driven

            Development and Conflict Management.” Presented  peacebuilding and development themes.

2003            American University. Geneva Declaration: Between Hope and Manipulation. (Sponsored by: Washington Arab-Jewish Network, 12/9/2003).

2003             Presentation for the Joan Kroc and Notre Dame Community on: The Road To

Justice and Peace: Israeli-Palestinian Reconciliation. (Kroc Institute, ND University, 3/19/03).

2003             Discussant of Film on Israeli Jewish Settlers in Notre Dame. Film was shown for general public and undergraduate class.  Professor Katz. March, 2003

2003             Presentation on Jerusalem and History of Israeli Palestinian conflict for Notre Dame University, Dept of History, April 2003.

2003             Presentation on: Interfaith Dialogue in Israel Palestine, at the United States Capitol. Washington, DC. April 1, 2003.    “The Role of Faith in Promoting Peace in the Middle East.” Event sponsored by United States Institute for Peace (USIP) and Faith and Politics Institute. 

2003    George Washington University. Lecture on Peacebuilding and Development: Necessary linkages. Graduate seminar. 11/12/03.

2003             Presented at the Washington National Cathedral conference Waging Peace. Presentation on: Interfaith Dialogue: Obstacles and Possibilities in the Middle East.  April 8, 2003.

2003            Presented with Marc Gopin on Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue at Principia College, IL, conference of Public Affairs Conference: "The Israeli - Palestinian Conflict." April 11-12, 03.

2003             Convocation Ceremony Speaker for George Mason University, The Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. May 17, 2003.

2003             Presented at a panel on “National Security, MulitCulturalism and Peacebuilding.”  In the National MultiCultural Institute conference on: Promoting leadership in evolving Multicultural Landscape.  May 29, 2003.

2003             Presentation on Interfaith Dialogue: Approaches and Models. At a conference on: Deepening Our Commitment to Interfaith Peacebuilding. Sponsored by United Religious Initiative of Washington DC. June 26, 2003.

2003             Presentation on effectiveness of interethnic dialogue for Neve Shalom Board, June 23, 2003, Cosmos Club. Washington, DC.

2003            Keynote speaker at the Interreligious Solidarity for Peace Conference. Zambuanga City, Mindanao, Philippines. June 15-16, 2003.

2003            Washington, DC. Presentation on: Conditions for Effective Israeli Palestinian Dialogue, for Israeli and Palestinian Women and Nonviolent Action Project. July 2003.

2003            Presentation on Israeli Palestinian Dialogue: Process and Outcome, for Capitol Hill Dialogue Group. July 2003.

2003            American University. Facilitated a meeting for advocates for Palestinian nonviolence, peace, and solidarity in DC area – 22 organizations groups. (Sponsored by Students for Palestine and Nonviolence International).  9/17/03.

2002    George Mason University. Center for Public Policy. Lecture on Conflict Resolution and Culture for Humanitarian Aid officers. March 28.

2002             Presentation on: Arab and Muslim Culture. Nashville, TN. ( USA Government Employees- ATF)

2002    Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue Group. Institute for Multi Track Diplomacy (IMTD). January 7.

2002             American University. Nonviolence Resistance in Palestine. Lecture on: Strategies of

Nonviolence and Peace. Organized by Non Violence International. March 10th.

2002            American University. Lecture on Conflict Resolution to Political leaders from Mindanao Philippines. (Organized by: Phelps Stokes Fund).

2002             Columbia University. International Conflict Resolution program. On: Islam and Peacebuilding.

2002    Arthur F. Burns Fellowship Program. Lecture on “The Muslim World and how it views the West.” Washington, DC.

2002    George Mason University. ICAR. A Panel on: Voices Against the War on Iraq. September, 27.

2002    Bethel College. Kansas. “The Middle East Conflict: Its Impact on Christian Muslim Relations.”

2002            USAID. The Policy Forum.  Lecture on: Conflict Prevention and AID: Institutional Aspects. 

2002    Peace Café. Lecture on Reconciliation and Justice. AJR Theater. Washington DC

2002    Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, “Nonviolence and Peacebuilding in Islam”

2002            International Center for Journalists, presentation on: “Views of the West in Islamic Societies.” to Arthur F. Burns Fellowship Program. Washington DC.

2002    Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, presentation to an incoming freshman class on “The Arab-Israel Conflict” April 25th.

2001    USIP, panel discussion, “Role of Faith in Peacemaking: An Islamic Perspective.”

2001    United States Department of State, panel discussion for National Press Club, “Muslims and Arabs in America.”

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