Peter K. Bechtold

Chairman, Near East and North African Area Studies

Office of the Foreign Service Institute of the U.S. Department of State, 1976-2006



(703) 302-6876


B.A.                            Portland State

M.A.                       Princeton University (Politics and Near East Studies)

Ph.D.                      Princeton University (Politics and Near East Studies)



1976-2006                               Foreign Service Institute at the National Foreign Affairs Training Center

1975-76   Middle East Specialist, Federal Research Division, Library of Congress

1968-75   University of Maryland, College Park (Government and Politics)

1967-68   University of Oregon (Political Science)

1971-72   Senior Fullbright-Hayes Research Professor (Egypt)

1973&75 Scholar - Diplomat Intern at U.S. Department of State

1976                        Professorial Lecturer, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University

1978-79/87             Professorial Lecturer, Georgetown University

1983/86/87             Professorial Lecturer, George Washington University



Politics in the Sudan: Parliamentary and Military Rule in an Emerging African Nation


"More Turbulence in Sudan: A New Politics This Time?" Middle East Journal, Autumn 1990, p. 579-595.


"The Contemporary Sudan," American-Arab Affairs, Fall 1983.


"New Attempts at Arab Cooperation: The Federation of Arab Republics, 1971-?", Middle East Journal, Spring 1973.


"Military Politics in the Sudan: The First Five Years of Ja'far Numayri," Middle East Journal, Winter 1975, p. 16-32.


Plus numerous short articles and reviews -- Political Leaders in the Contemporary Middle East and North Africa (Greenwood 1990), The Middle East from the Iran-Contra Affair to the Intifada (Syracuse University Press, 1991), Africa Today, Middle East Journal, MESA Bulletin and two encyclopedias.


Other: Numerous journeys to the Middle East, including field research for over three years and professional visits to all 25 countries in the Near East, North Africa and Central Asia.