Dr. Hashim El- Tinay

Peace Advocate,



The International Peace Quest Institute (IPQI)

Salam Sudan Foundation (SSF)


As founder and president of the International Peace Quest Institute (IPQI)/Salam Sudan Foundation (SSF), a think tank/civil society organization/NGO created in Paris in 1985 and since 1998 operating out of Washington, DC with branches in Paris and Nairobi and since June 2006 in Khartoum. Dr. El-Tinay contributed, and quietly, through his persistent advocacy for a more just, peaceful and humane world, to the call for societal renewal in the 21st century and the shift in American foreign policy toward a peace rather than a war-centered policy locally, regionally and globally and especially vis-ŕ-vis the Sudan, .


After the signing of the Sudan Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) on January 9th, 2005 in Nairobi, IPQI & SSF organized a number of workshops and forums in Washington, DC to explain to the media, the American public and all those following Sudanese developments the CPA’s significance to both American and Sudanese national interest, the future of Sudanese-American relations and its promise for moving the world toward a culture of peace. These included think tanks, research institutes, universities, corporations, and faith and community leaders. 


Dr. Hashim El-Tinay, is a Sudanese-American researcher, public speaker, writer, and international cross-cultural, interfaith relations and language consultant. He has been a passionate advocate for justice, peace, democracy and human rights and dignity, locally and globally, since his university days, and has been working tirelessly since 1985 for peace and justice through cross-cultural and interfaith cooperation and explaining Islam from an Abrahamic perspective, as a message of universal mercy, justice, peace and dignity.


In recognition of his dedication to peace and human rights, Dr. El-Tinay is the recipient

of several Peacemaker in Action and Ambassador of Peace Awards.  Dr. El-Tinay has been involved with faith-based and secular educational institutions to consider cross-cultural and interfaith strategies for global justice, peace, democracy, human rights and dignity and sustainable social and economic development. Dr. El-Tinay has been sharing his universal vision worldwide through public speaking and writing in Arabic, English and French highlighting a unique perspective rooted in the Sudanese, Afro-Arab, and Nile Valley 5,000 year spiritual heritage.

He believes that working through grassroots and people-to-people education and public diplomacy for a better understanding between religions, cultures and civilizations is the best way to serve the cause of world peace and the renewal of World civilization. He has been quietly working through deeper cultural and spiritual awareness between people to bridging the gap of understanding between America, Europe and the Muslim world and, beyond politics, to improving relations between the American and Sudanese peoples.

He is also an assembly member-at-large of the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington (IFC), an active member of the Woodstock Center’s Inter-religious Dialogue on Education, Georgetown University and a member of the board of the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund (NCPTF).

Before settling in Washington, DC in 1998, Dr. El-Tinay resided for 20 years, in Paris, France, where he founded in 1985 the International Peace Quest Institute (IPQI)/ Salam Sudan Foundation (SSF), an international think tank/NGO promoting the emergence of a culture of peace. 

Moreover, he established and was editor-in-chief of SSF’s community publication Le Messager (The Peace Quest Messenger), whose originality resided in providing a forum for an open and calm debate on religion, spirituality, the West and issues of justice, international development, from a universal, inclusive perspective. He created El-Tinay & Associates, an international cross-cultural relations and language consultancy firm, now based in Washington, DC. 

In 1986 and as a result of the Sudanese people’s ouster of the second military dictatorship [1969-1985], though non-partisan, El-Tinay heeded the call of his hometown grassroots community in Um Rawaba, in the Sudanese Midwest and ran for a seat in Parliament. After a close but unsuccessful race (an outcome that later proved to be a blessing) he returned to continue his professional and advocacy work in Paris.


Prior to that Dr. El-Tinay worked as a Liaison Officer in the International Cooperation and External Relations Department of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Paris and as a consultant with the Philosophy Division of the Social Sciences Sector of UNESCO. He left UNESCO to pursue a doctoral research in international relations at the University of the Sorbonne, writing, public speaking and advocacy.


His brilliant and dynamic career started in 1965 serving for ten years as a Sudanese diplomat in Khartoum, Sudan, Paris, France and Lagos, Nigeria. For ideological differences, El-Tinay resigned, chose to emigrate and became Associate Secretary of World University Service [WUS], an international NGO, in Geneva, Switzerland, that contributed to the struggle against colonialism in Africa and apartheid in South Africa and supported the education of Palestinian refugee students. El-Tinay also worked as a Public Affairs Specialist at the Information and Public Affairs Department of the World Bank in Washington, D.C. He resigned from the World Bank, to pursue his quest for a more just and meaningful calling through research, writing, public speaking and advocacy.


El-Tinay, a believer in continuous education, has a bachelor of law degree from Khartoum University (1965), a Masters in diplomacy and international relations from the International Institute of Public Administration/Sorbonne in Paris (1968) and a Doctorate summa Cum Laude with greatest distinction in international relations from Strassford University in the United Kingdom in 2003. He is computer and internet literate.