Georgetown University

School of Foreign Service

Washington, DC  20057-1052

(202) 687-8375 (Office)

(202) 687-8376 (Fax)







2000-     University Professor


1993-     Professor of Religion and International Affairs

               and Professor of Islamic Studies;


1993-2004  Founding Director, Center for Muslim-  

        Christian Understanding, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign   

        Service, Georgetown University


2006-          Founding Director, The Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-  

                    Christian Understanding


1991-95  Loyola Professor of Middle East Studies;

               Professor of Islamic Studies, College of the Holy 



1987-1991     Director, Center for International Studies, College of the Holy Cross


1986-1993     Adjunct Professor of Diplomacy

                        The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University


1986               Visiting Professor of Asian Studies, Oberlin College



1984-95         Professor, Department of Religious Studies, College of the Holy Cross


1975-84         Associate Professor and Chair, Department of

                        Religious Studies





Ph.D., Temple University, 1974 - Major: Islamic Studies

                                                     Minor: Comparative Religions


Middle East Center for Arab Studies

Shemlan, Lebanon, 1971-72                       (Arabic)


University of Pennsylvania, 1969    (Arabic)


M.A., St. John's University, 1966   (Theology)


B.A., St. Anthony College, 1963     (Philosophy)


Elected Senior Associate, St. Antony College, Oxford University, 1982-83.


Visiting Scholar, Center for the Study of World Religions, Harvard University, 1979-80.





Offices and Honors:


2006 Doctor of Humane Letters, Immaculata University


2005 Pakistan’s Quaid-i-Azzam Award for Outstanding Contributions in Literature and Islamic Studies


2005 American Academy of Religion’s Martin E. Marty Award for the Public Understanding of Religion


2003 School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University Award for Outstanding Teaching


2000- Appointed University Professor, Georgetown University


1996 World Book Prize, Islamic Republic of Iran


1991 Appointed Loyola Professor of Middle East Studies, College of the Holy Cross


1988-91 President-Elect, President, and Past-President, Middle East Studies Association of North America


1989-92 President, American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies


1988 Appointed William R. Kenan Professor of Religion, College of William and Mary. Declined.


1988 Election to American Society for the Study of Religion.





Georgetown University


2006 - Founding Director, Prince Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian 

                     Understanding: History and International Affairs


1993 - 2004 Founding Director, Center for Muslim-Christian 

                     Understanding: History and International Affairs



College of the Holy Cross


     1987 - 91 Director, Center for International Studies

     1984 - 86 Organizer and Chair, International Studies 


     1975 - 84 Chair, Department of Religious Studies


Project/Conference Director


     2003 Director, Asian Islam in the 21st Century, Hawaii


     2002 Director, “The Islamic World and U.S. Foreign Policy,” Wye Plantation, Md.


     2000 Co-director: Asian Islam in the 21st Century, Bangkok.


     1999 Co-director, “Divinity and Global Politics,” Cyprus.


     1999 Co-director, “The Iranian Revolution: Twenty Years Later,”

     Washington, D.C.


     1997 Co-director, “Western Perceptions of Muslims; Muslims Perceptions 

     of the West,” Islamabad, Pakistan.


     1997 Co-director, “Power Sharing II,” London.


     1996 “Religion and Global Order,” University of Wales


     1995 Co-director “Islam in Southeast Asia”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


     1992-94 "Democracy, Identity, and Conflict Resolution in the  

               Islamic World." (USIP)


     1990-93 "Scholar-Activists in Contemporary Islam." (NEH)


     1989  (Co-director) "The Iranian Revolution Ten Years 

               Later: What Has Been Its Global Impact?" The Johns 

               Hopkins University (SAIS).


     1986   Program Chair, Annual Meeting, Middle East Studies 



     1985   Program Chair, Annual Meeting, American Council for 

            the Study of Islamic Societies.


     1984    Islam and Public Life in Asia (Afghanistan to

             Philippines), International Symposium sponsored by 

             the Asia Society.


     1979    The Islamic Resurgence: Prospects and Implications

             (Sudan to Malaysia) International Symposium.




Editorial Boards


       2007- International Dialogue, A Multidisciplinary Journal of World Affairs


      2007- International Advisory Board of the Encyclopedia of Islamic Economics     


      2007 - Co-editor, Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication


      2006 - Edinburgh History of Islamic Empires


      2006 - Religion Compass


      2005 - Editor in Chief, Oxford Online Resource Center for the Islamic World


      2005 - Editor in Chief, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam (6 vols.)


      2004 - Muslim World Journal of Human Rights


      2002- Editor in Chief, The Islamic World: Past and Present  (Oxford  

                University Press)


     1999-  Studies in Contemporary Islam


1999    - International Encyclopedia of Islamic Economics


1998- General Editor, Religion and Global Politics Series, Oxford 

            University Press.


     1998- Editor in Chief, The Oxford Dictionary of Islam, Oxford

                University Press


     1998-   Global Dialogue


     1998- American Muslim Quarterly    


     1997- Discourse: An Iranian Quarterly


     1996- Periodica Islamica.

     1995-99 Editor, The Oxford History of Islam, Oxford

               University Press


     1990-95 Editor in Chief, The Oxford Encyclopedia of the 

               Modern Islamic World, Oxford University Press


     1995-2004 Co-Editor, Journal of Islam and Christian-Muslim 



     1995- Journal of the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs


     1994- Middle East Policy


     1994- Journal of Church and State


     1993 - Islamic Studies


     1991 - 99 International Journal of Middle East Studies


     1990 - The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences


     1989 - Journal of South Asian and Middle East Studies


     1988-92 MESA Bulletin   


     1987-90 Contemporary Issues in the Middle East Series,

             Syracuse University Press







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* Many of the above publications have been translated into more than 26 languages, including: Arabic, Turkish, Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia, Urdu, Persian, Bengali, Japanese, Chinese, Uyghur, Russian, Spanish, Portugese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, and Bulgarian.




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