CURRICULUM VITAE    Marcia K. Hermansen   Jan. 2008


Theology Dept.                         

Loyola University

Crown Center 301                                                                      Tel. (773)-508-2345  (work)

6525 N. Sheridan Road              

Chicago Il 60626                                                                        E-mail





         A.     Institution                                         Dates                 Degree             Field


                 University of Chicago                         1974-1982          Ph.D.               Near East Languages                                                                  and Civilization                                                                                                                                     (Arabic & IslamicStudies)


                 University of Toronto                          1973-1974                                 Special Student


                 University of Waterloo                       1970-1972          B.A.                 General Arts


                 McGill University                               1969-1970                                 Honors English


       B.     Dissertation Topic:  The Theory of Religion of Shah Wali Allah of Delhi (1702-1762)


         C.        Language Competency: Arabic, Persian, Urdu, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Turkish





         A.     Teaching and Other Positions Held



1997-                Professor, Theology Dept., Loyola University, Chicago


                        2003                      Visiting Professor, Summer School, Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium


                        1982-1997         Professor, Religious Studies, San Diego State University


                        1985-1986         Visiting Professor, Institute of Islamic Studies

                                                McGill University, Montreal, Canada


                        1980-1981         Foreign Service, Canadian Department of External Affairs:

Postings to the United Nations General Assembly, Canadian Delegation; Vice-Consul, Canadian Embassy, Caracas, Venezuela


                        1979-1980         Lecturer, Religion Department, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario



Cataloguing for South Asia Collection, Regenstein Library, University of Chicago, 1978

Research Assistant and Translator (Persian), Art Department, University of Chicago, 1978

Private Tutor of Arabic, Chicago, 1977-1978

Teacher of English, Mashhad, Iran, 1976



B.Courses Taught



World Religions: An undergraduate course presenting major concepts from eastern and western religious traditions.

Islam: A lecture course covering the development of major issues in Islamic doctrine.

Islamic Mysticism: A seminar based on discussion of readings from Sufi texts.

Qur'an and Hadith (Islamic Texts): An advanced seminar on major themes and traditions of interpretation of Qur'anic and hadith material.

Arab-Islamic Culture and Civilization (in the Humanities Program)

Religion and Psychology

Women, Gender  and Embodiment in Islam

Sacred Biography

Dynamics of Religious Experience

Ways of Understanding Religion (Theory and Methodology in the Study of Religion)

Comparative Mysticism

Elementary Urdu

Intermediate Urdu—Readings in Urdu Prose and Poetry

Islamic Tradition

Muslims in North America

Religions of India

Myth and Symbol: Psychological, anthropological, and religious approaches to myth and symbol.

Islamic Religious Literature

The South Asian Muslim Experience

Islamic Spirituality

Freedom, Justice, Authority in Contemporary Islamic Theology

Contemporary Islamic Thought and Movements

Comparative Spiritualities

Scripture in Comparative Perspective






         A.     Publications


                 1.      Books



Shah Wali Allah of Delhi's Hujjat Allah al-Baligha (The Conclusive Argument from God).  E. J. Brill, 1996. Pakistani edition Islamabad: Islamic Research Institute 2003.


Co-editor: Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World. New York: MacMillan, 2003.


“American Sufis” (under contract to Oxford U.P.)


“The Caliph Umar in Islamic Tradition” (under contract for OneWorld)


“Shah Wali Allah of Delhi’s Risalas on Fiqh” forthcoming Fons Vitae


2.      Articles in Refereed Journals


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1982, pp. 137-150.


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“Said Nursi and Maulana Ilyas: Examples of Pietistic Spirituality among 20th Century Islamic Movements”  forthcoming in Islam and Christian Muslim Relations, 2008.



3.      Articles in Books


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7.  Other Publications


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B.    Refereed Papers Presented at Meetings of Professional Organizations


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C.  Other Participation in Meetings of Professional Organizations


Respondent, Panel on "Ethnosociology of South Asian Muslims," Wisconsin South Asian Studies Conference, Madison, WI, November 1-3, 1985.


Chair, Panel on "Mysticism and the State in South Asia," American Academy of Religion annual meeting, Boston, MA, December 1987.


Organizer and Respondent, Panel on "Pattern and Diversity in the Master/Disciple Relationship in the Islamic Religious Tradition", Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion, Washington, D. C. Nov. 21, 1993.


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Chair, Panel on "Hagiography and Biography in Islam", AAR annual meeting , New Orleans, Nov. 23, 1996.


Organizer, Panel on “Adab Islami: Islam, Religion, and Literature in the 20th Century” Middle East Studies Association, San Francisco Nov. 23, 1997.


“Muslims in the American Public Square” meeting of scholars, Pew Foundation in collaboration with Georgetown University, Washington, DC, Sept. 25, 1999.


Panelist on “Site visits and teaching Religious Studies” American Academy of Religion, Atlanta, Nov. 23, 2003.


Respondent Panel on “Discourses of Early Sufism” AAR San Antonio, Nov. 20, 2004.


Chair, Panel on “Women in Sufism”, AAR Philadelphia, Nov. 21, 2005.


Respondent Harvard Islam in America Conference, Dec. 1, 2005.


US Institute of Peace, Presenter, Islam and Peace, Conference, Washington, Aug. 22, 2006.


Chair, Panel on “Engagement in Sufism”, AAR San Diego, Nov. 19, 2007.


D.     Scholarly Awards and Honors



                 Entrance Scholarship, McGill University, 1969

                 Ontario Scholarship, 1969

                 University of Chicago Graduate Fellowship: 1974, 1975, 1976, 1982

                 Canada Council Doctoral Research Award, 1977

                 Humanities and Social Sciences Research Council of Canada, Doctoral Research Award, 1978




Affirmative Action Faculty Development Award, San Diego State University, 1985

                 American Research Center in Cairo Award for Post-Doctoral Research, July-December 1986

Participant, National Endowment for the Humanities Workshop on the Introductory Course in World Religions, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, June/July 1987

Meritorious Performance and Professional Promise Award, SDSU, 1988

Summer Faculty Research Fellowship, SDSU, 1989

Fulbright, U. S. Department of Education Faculty Research Abroad Award, Pakistan, 1989-90

                 Research "Micro Grants" San Diego State University, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997.

                 Fulbright Lectureship in Islamic Studies, Malaysia, Summer 1994

                 San Diego Historical Society, Award for Best paper on San Diego Religious History 1994

                 Research and Creative Activity Award, SDSU, Spring 1995

                 Fellow, Institute for the Advanced Study of Religion, U. of Chicago Divinity School, 1995

                 Grant-in-Aid for Research (SDSU) 1995, SDSU RCSA Mini Grant 1997

                 Senior Fellow, Rutgers University Center for Historical Analysis, 1996-1997

                 Performance Salary Step Increase Award (PSSI), SDSU 1996-97

                 Summer Research Award, Loyola University Chicago, 1999. 2006

                 Fellow, Center for Ethics, Loyola University Chicago, Spring 2001.

                 Fazlur Rahman Award for Islamic Education, PakWatan TV, Chicago, March, 2002.

                 Research Award, Institute for Christianity and Culture, Loyola University, Summer 2002, 2005

Associate Director, Dept. of Education, Title VIA Grant for South Asian Studies at Loyola, 2001-3

Recognized as Prominent Woman Leader at Loyola, 5th Annual Leadership reception, March 25, 2003.

National Humanities Center, Fellowship 2004-5 (declined)

                 Fulbright Multi-Country research Award India, Pakistan, Bahrain 2005

                 Gannon Center for Women and Leadership, Research Fellow, Spring 2007




E.     Language Training and Research in the Middle East and South Asia


                 1975                         Summer Course in Arabic

                 1976                         Persian Study, Mashhad, Iran

           1976                         Berkeley Urdu Program Fellowship, three months in Lahore, Pakistan

                 1977                         Arabic Study, two months, Cairo and Damascus

                 1978                         Summer Language Fellowship, Firdausi University, Mashhad, Iran

                 1978-7                      Dissertation Research in Hyderabad, India

                 1983                         Summer Research Project, Yarmuk University, Irbid, Jordan

1986                         International Language Inst., Cairo, July-Dec.

1988                         Summer CASA III Fellowship in Arabic, American University in Cairo

1989                     Fulbright Faculty Research Abroad Award: Research in Lahore, Pakistan

1993                     Turkish Language Summer Program.  Bogazici University, Istanbul.

1994                     Fulbright Lecturer, Malaysia, Summer

                 1995                         Summer CASA III Fellowship in Arabic, American University in Cairo

                 2002                        Summer CASA III Fellowship in Arabic, American University in Cairo

                 2006                        Summer, American Research Center, Turkish Language and Culture


         F.     Participation in Professional Organizations

                 American Academy of Religion                                                           1982-

                 Chair, Study of Islam Section, American Academy of Religion               1994-1999

                 Steering Committee, Islamic Studies Section, AAR                              1988-1991, 1993-94

                 Steering Committee, Islamic Mysticism, Group, AAR                           2003-

                 Committee on Texts and Translations, AAR                                         1994-2000

                 Association of Asian Studies                                                              1982-1995

                 Middle East Studies Association                                                        1984-

                 American Institute of Pakistan Studies                                                1994-


         G.     Service on Editorial Boards


                 Editorial Board Journal of Contemporary Religion                                  1994-2002

                 Editorial Board, Religion , Book Review Editor                                      1996-99

                 Advisory Board, Journal for Islamic Studies  (South Africa)                    1997-

                 Editorial Board, Islamic Studies (Pakistan)                                          1998-

                 Editorial Board, Islamic Research, Government College, Lahore            2006-

                 Editorial Board, Journal: Fieldwork in Religion (England)                       2006-

                 Editorial Board, American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences                2007-

                 Editorial Board, Comparative Islamic Studies                                       2007-




         A.     Service to San Diego State University


                 Member, Africa and Middle East Area Studies Committee                         1982-1996

                 Chair, Africa and Middle East Studies Committee                                     1992-1996

                 Member, College of Arts and Letters

                 Committee on Committees                                                                     1984

Member, College of Arts and Letters Research Committee                        1984-1985, 1990-93

                 Center for Asian Studies                                                                        1985-1996

                 Faculty Fellow SDSU Residence Program                                               1993-1994

                 CAL Committee on Diversity and Emergent Scholarship (Codices)             1995-1996

                 CAL Personnel Committee                                                                     1995-1996



B. Service at Loyola University Chicago


                 Departmental Advisory Committee, Theology  Dept.                                  1999-2001, 2007-

                 Jewish Studies Committee                                                                     1999-2003

                 Asian Studies                                                                                       1998-

                 Religion Culture and Society                                                                   1998-2002

                 Acting Director, Religion, Culture and Society Program                             2000-1

                 University Academic Council                                                                  2003-4, 2005-

                 Director, Islamic World Studies Minor                                                      2006-

                 University Research Committee                                                              2007-


1.  Academic Lectures


"Islamic Ethics," University of Southern California School of Religion, March 18, 1985.


"Islam and Modernity in South Asia," Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, April 15, 1985.


"Interdisciplinary Approaches to Islamic Biographical Literature," McGill University, Montreal, October 1986.


"Contemporary Sufism and Sufi Literature in Pakistan," Department of Religious Studies Colloquium, SDSU, November 27, 1990.


SDSU Faculty Seminar on "Covering Other Cultures: Bringing the Middle East into the Classroom," April 11, 1991.


"Intercultural Communication: Middle Eastern and Muslim Students in the Primary and Secondary School Classroom," Department of Education, CSU San Marcos, March 20, 1991 and San Diego State University April 20, 1991.


"Islam and Nationalism," Master of Arts in Liberal Arts Program, SDSU, and Institute for International Security and Conflict Resolution, San Diego, February 25, 1991.


"Islam and Politics in the 90s: Algeria at the Crossroads," Africa and Middle East Area Studies Committee, SDSU, May 4, 1992.


"Teaching Controversy---: Women and Islam",  California History/Social Sciences Project

University of California, San Diego, July 10, 1992.


"Theories of Religion in World History", North County Global History Project, Mira Costa College, Oceanside, Feb. 20, 1993.


"Visions as 'Good to Think': Examples from Pre-Modern Muslim Mystics", UCSD Committee on Religious Studies, Feb. 26, 1993.


"Muslim Immigrants in the U. S.: A Complex Community" Conference on Bridges and Barriers to Immigration, University of San Diego, March 24, 1994.


"'New' Islamic Movements in the United States" at the Intellectual Discourse Circle, International Islamic University, Kuala Lumpur, June 25, 1994.


Lectures on various aspects of Islamic Studies delivered at the National University of Malaysia, the University of Malaya, the University of Indonesia (Jakarta), Sunan Gunung Jati Islamic Institute, Bandung, Indonesia during June and July 1994.


"Visions in Islam", Institute for the Advanced Study of Religion, Divinity School, University of Chicago, May 3, 1995.


Discussant, Homi Bhabha's Location of Culture, Religion and Social Theory Workshop, Divinity School, University of Chicago, May 11, 1995.


Introduction to Islam" for "Complexities of Culture Series"  UCSD Extension, Feb. 8, 1996.


"Muslim Conversion Narratives" for UCSB Scholars of Islam Series, UC Santa Barbara, Feb. 28, 1996.


"Muslims in America" American Center, Hyderabad, India, Aug. 1, 1996.


Various Lectures in Islamic Studies, University of Peshawar, International Islamic University, Islamabad, University of Karachi, Pakistan, Dec. 1996 and Jan. 1997.


"Pilgrimage and Conversion in Islam", Religious Studies Colloquium, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Feb. 26, 1997.


"Contemporary Muslim Conversion Narratives".  Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University, March 18, 1997.


“Contemporary Muslim Women’s Issues”, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI. Feb. 3, 1999.


“The Rushdie Affair” for course at Loyola on South Asian Literature, Nov. 8, 1999.


“Islam and Homosexuality” for course at Loyola on Gay and Lesbian Issues in Education.


“New Trends in Muslim America” Knight Center  for Journalism, University of Maryland, June 9, 2000.


“Conversion to Islam and InterFaith Dialogue” Catholic Theological Union  Chicago, May 16, 2001.


“The Madrasa System of Islamic Education”  Iqra International Symposium, Islamic Cultural Center, Villa Park, June 17, 2001.


“Women in Islam” University of Georgia, Athens, Jan. 18, 2002.


Panelist on “Central Asia: Globalization and Social Change” University of Georgia, Athens. March 20, 2002.


“American Sufi Movements’ lecture and Video presentation, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, April 11, 2002.


“Women in Islamic Spirituality” St. Mary’s/Notre Dame, South Bend Indiana, October 16, 2002


“Religion and Violence in the Middle East” panelist Loyola University Chicago , November 20, 2002.


“Must Civilizations Clash?” Theology Department Colloquium, Loyola University, Feb. 16, 2003.


“Islam, Modernity and Authority” Newberry Library, April 2, 2003.


“Sufism and the Enneagram” for “Three Spiritual Traditions”: Tracing the Roots of the Enneagram” for First Analysis Institute of Integrative Studies and Institute of Pastoral Studies, Loyola University Chicago, June 21-21, 2003.


“Muslims in the Peformative Mode” Presentation on Christian Muslim Dialogue.  Hartford Seminary, Hartford, Conn. October 22, 2003.


"Interpreting American Sufi Movements: Reading the Visual Signs" Harvard Islamic Mysticism Workshop, Feb. 13, 2004.


“Representing Muslims in the American Academy” Harvard Conference on “Islam in America”,

March 7, 2004.


“The Shaping of American Muslim Identity”.  Keynote Speech, Islam in America Conference, Wayne State University, Detroit. April 7, 2004.


“Faith Development and Spiritual Maturation in the Works of Said Nursi”.  7th annual conference Istanbul Foundation for Science and Culture, Oct. 4, 2004.


March 4, 2005  Lecture “The Relevance of Shah Wali Allah’s Thought for Contemporary Muslims” at Dept. of Islamic Studies, Jamia Millia University, New Delhi India


April 30, 2005 Lecture “American Muslims after 9/11” at International Islamic University, Islamabad Pakistan


Aug. 7, 2005.  Said Nursi and Maulana Ilyas: Examples of Pietistic Spirituality among 20th Century Islamic Movements” Ilm Wakfi Conference, Istanbul.


Sept. 20, 2005 “American Muslim Identity”, John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio.


Feb. 25, 2006. “Teaching about Islam”, Midwest Association of Colleges, Lake Forest IL.


March 5-6, 2006  “Concepts of Childhood and Youth in Islam”,  Project on Childhood Spirituality Conference, Chicago, Il.


April 19, 2006.  “Introduction to Sufism” East-West perspectives, East West University, Chicago.


Oct. 27, 2006. “Sufi Networking in the West”, Islam in America Workshop, Harvard University, Boston.


Nov. 3, 2006. “Sufi Modernism” East-West Seminar, Valparaiso University, Indiana.


Nov. 6, 2006.  “The Nur Movement in Comparative Perspective” John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio.


Nov. 11, 2006. “Neither of the East not of the West: Sufi Women in the United States”, St. Xavier University Conference on Portraits of Women in Islam.


Jan. 16, Lecture “Sufism and the Modern” at Darul Arqam, Singapore.


Jan. 17. Lectures ”Muslims in America” at the University of Singapore, “Islam and Spiritual Identity” Simply Islam, Singapore.


Jan. 19, 2007. Presentation on “Muslim Youth Cultures, Negotiating Identity and Teaching for Tolerance”.  Conference: Oslo Coalition and Hasanuddin State University, Makassar, Indonesia.


Jan. 22, 2007.  Lecture on “Sufi Modernism” at Hasanuddin State Islamic University, Makassar, Indonesia.


Jan. 23, 2007.  Lecture at Gadjah Mada University Center for Religious Studies, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


Jan. 24, 2007.  Lectures at Muhammadiyyah University and Nawesea Pesantran, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


April 17, 2007. Lecture on “Women In Islam: Beyond Polemic and Apologetic”,  Northwest Illinois University,  Macomb, IL.


April 20, 2007.  Lecture on “Iqbal’s Complaint and Answer” at American Islamic College, Chicago.


Nov. 5, 2007.  “Women and Textual Interpretation” Hidden Treasures Conference, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago.


2.   Public Lectures


"Islam," Educational Growth Opportunities Program, College of Extended Studies, SDSU, March 26, 1984.


"The Qur'an," Hoover High School, San Diego, April 25, 1984.


"Islam and Judaism," Havarot Beshert of Temple Beth Israel, San Diego, April 30, 1984.


"Dialoguing with Muslims," Episcopalian Priests of the Diocese of San Diego, St. Andrews by the Sea Episcopal Church, San Diego, May 8, 1984.


"Islam and Nuclear War," symposium on "The Arms Race and the Third World," College of Extended Studies, SDSU, October 27, 1984.


Discussant, "Among the Believers," by V. S. Naipaul, La Jolla Book Review Group, November 12, 1984.


"Islam and Politics," World Affairs Council of San Diego, March 21, 1985.


"Diversity Within Islam," Pacific Beach Congregational Church, October 25, 1987.


Moderator of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Dialogue on "God and the Divine Attributes," Berkeley, October 29, 1988.


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Panelist on "One Nation under God—Indivisible?—Religion and the Establishment Clause," University of San Diego, October 27, 1991.


"Islam and Modernity," Temple Adat Shalom, San Diego, November 4, 1991.


"Gender Roles in Islam," UCSD International Studies Club, May 4, 1992.


"Panelist on "Islam in Somalia"  Refugee and Social Services, San Diego, Feb, 20, 1993.


Organizer and Moderator of Film Festival on "Women in Four Middle Eastern Muslim Societies" San Diego State University, March-April 1993


"Women in the Middle East" Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church. San Diego, April 17, 1993.


"Introduction to Islam" St. Mark's Lutheran Church. Chula Vista, April 18, 25,1993.


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Organizer and Moderator. SDSU Film Festival on Perspectives on Immigration and the Middle East, March-April, 1994.


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“Shah Wali Allah and his Influence” Muslim Educational Center, Morton Grove, IL, Nov. 13, 1999.


“Marriage and Childbirth in Islam” Ministry Center, Loyola, March 8, 2000.


Graduation Speaker, Universal Islamic School, Bridgeview, IL, June 11, 2000.


“Issues in Muslim Education” American Muslim Council, Washington, DC, June 2000.


“Islam and the Death Penalty” for Panel on Religious Perspectives on the Death Penalty, Chicago Humanities Festival, Nov. 12, 2000


“The Significance of Jerusalem for Muslims” Catholic Theological Union, Hyde Park IL, Jan. 23, 2001.


“Forgiveness in Islam” Ministry Center, Loyola University, March 19, 2001.


“Islam and the Muslim Student” Loyola Staff Council, April 25, 2001.


“The Place of Sufism in Islam” Ibn Sina Society, Cleveland, OH, May 5, 2001.


Graduation Speaker, Islamic Foundation School, Villa Park, IL, June 1, 2001.


“Heroic Women in Islam”  Irshad Islamic Center, Lombard, IL Sept. 8, 2001.


Presenter, Interfaith Memorial Service, First Presbyterian Church, Evanston, Sept. 11, 2001.


Speaker, St. Nicholas Church, Evanston, Sept. 16, 2001.


Session on Islam and Muslims, Lake Street Church, Evanston, Sept. 23, 2001.


Speaker, Urs and Qawwali, Chishtiyya Foundation, Chicago, Sept. 29, 2001.


Loyola Peace Studies Forum Speaker, Sept. 2001.


Oct. 4 Presentation for Loyola Faculty on “Background on Islam and the Current Crisis”


Oct. 11, 2001.  Loyola Committee on Diversity Affairs, Department of Psychology, Forum on Aftermath of Sept. 11.


Oct. 24, 2001 Rogers Park Community Forum on “Islam and the War on Terrorism”


Oct. 29, 2001 Loyola University Teach-In “Beyond September 11”


Nov. 13, 2001 International Trucking Company “ Warrenville, IL “Islam and Diversity.


Nov. 13. 2001 St. James Church Chicago “Islam”


Nov. 15, 2001 Vocation as “calling” Loyola Ministry, project Evoke


Nov. 21, 2001 Thanksgiving service prayer, St. Nicholas Church, Evanston


Nov. 27, 2001 Federal Deposit Insurance Institute, Chicago. “Islam: An Overview”


Nov. 29, 2001. Columbia College Journalism Seminar “South Asia: Cultural Elements”


Feb. 6, 2002 Beth Emet Evanston.  Series of Four lectures on Islam.


Feb. 9 and Feb. 16, 2002.  University of Chicago Middle East Center Outreach program for Chicago Teachers.


Feb. 15, 2002. “Women in Islam Today” for North Shore Women’s Club, Winnetka, IL.


Feb. 18, 2002.  Justice Week Speaker on “Governance and Democracy in Islam” for Loyola School of Education.


Feb. 28, “Understanding Islam” Chicago International Women’s Association.


March 1, 2002 “Hope in Islam”  Islamic Foundation, Villa Park, IL.


March 12, 2002  Presentation for The Dow Chemical Company Diversity Initiative, Midland Michigan and broadcast world wide to Dow employees on “Women in Islam”


March 12, 2002   Midland Michigan, Civic Center, presentation on “Women in Islam”


March 13, Presenter, Peace Now Jewish-Muslim Dialogue, Beth Emet, Evanston, IL.


March 18, 2002.  “Hope in Islam” Center for Faith and Mission, Loyola, Chicago.


April 12, 2002.  Lecture on “The Role of Islamic Movements in the United States”  Islamic Center of Central Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


April 16, 2002 , “The Study of Religion post 9/11” Religious Studies Colloquium, Theology Department, Loyola University.


April 25, 2002, “Meditation and Remembrance in the Sufi Tradition”, Soul Space retreat center, Chicago.


June 1, 2002, “Hope, Fear, and Social Activism in Islam” Indian Muslim Relief Committee, Lombard, IL


Sept. 11, 2002.  Memorial Service, Beth Emet Synagogue, Evanston, Presenter.


“Sufism in the Islamic Tradition” Northwestern University Muslim Students Association, Oct. 24, 2002.


,March 25, 2003 “Winning the Peace?: Gulf War II Teach-In” Loyola University Chicago.


Four Lectures at Elijah School of Religion on “Islam and Authority”, Jerusalem, August, 2003.


Sept. 15, 2003.  Introduction to the Whirling Dervishes of Turkey, Chicago Theater, Chicago.


Sept. 20/21, 2003.  Retreat Leader, Muslim Women’s Association of New Mexico, Abiquiu, NM.


October 15, 2003.  Loyola.  Muslim Women: Spirituality and Practice for Islam Awareness Week.


Nov. 26, 2003.  Presenter, Interfaith Thanksgiving Service. Ravenswood Ministerial Association.


Feb. 10, 2004. "Going over to the Dark Side: Otherness and Evil in Lord of the Rings" Theology Dept. panel on Lord of the Rings, Loyola University.


March 21, 2004. Panel on “Faith, reconciliation and hope” for Chicago Tikkun conference on the Middle East.


March 25, 2004.  Presenter. Panel for Women’s History Month. Loyola University.


March 31, 2004. The Iraq war-one year later.  Loyola University.


April 15, 2004 Loyola University “Revisiting the Idea of Vocation”


April 20, 2004 “Islamic Views of Vocation” Crossroads Center, Chicago.


May 2, 2004. “Spiritual Aspects of the Life of Muhammad” Niagara Foundation Milad Celebration, Rosemont, IL.


May 8, 2004. Speech on “Knowledge and the Intellect in Islam” for Midwest Ismaili Council Milad Celebration, Chicago IL.


May 16, 2004. “Iqbal and Love of the Prophet” Iqbal Day Celebration, East-West University, Chicago, Il.


July 10-12, 2004.  Three presentations on aspects of Islam at the Parliament for the World’s Religions, Barcelona, Spain.


Aug. 20, 2004. Talk on “Women in the Chishti Order” Annual Urs of Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti, Chishtiyya Foundation, Chicago, Il.


Aug. 21, 2004.  “Shah Wali Allah and his relevance to Muslims Today” at the Indian Muslim Educational Foundation dinner, Villa Park, Il.


Sept. 15, 2004.  Introduction.  Whirling dervishes of Konya, Turkey.  Chicago Theater, Chicago, Il.


Feb. 16, 2005 Lecture on “Sufism in the West” (in Urdu) at the Arabic and Persia Research center Library, Tonk, Rajastan, India


Feb. 25 and 27 lectures at the Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Research Library, Patna India


March 4, 2005 lecture at the Habitat Center, New Delhi India


March 21, 2005 Lecture at the Jamaat-i Islami headquarters, New Delhi India


April 23, 2005 Presentation at the Council for Islamic Ideology, Islamabad Pakistan.


April 30, 2005 Lecture at International Islamic University, Islamabad Pakistan


April 28, 2005 Presentation at United States Educational Foundation Fulbright Conference in Lahore.


May 21, 2005. Presentation at the Annual Milad al-Nabi Conference, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


May 22, 2005. Presentation at the Annual Milad al-Nabi Conference, Dallas, Texas.


July 1, 2005 Lecture, “American Muslims” Community Builders Forum, Skokie, Illinois


Sept. 21, 2005.  Respondent, Loyola University theatre production “In the Heart of America”.


Nov. 9,  2005. Panelist on “textual criticism” Theology Dept. Loyola University Chicago


Nov. 11, 2005 “Sufi Thought and Contemporary Issues”, for the Chicago Interfaith Gathering.


Jan. 6, 2006 “American Sufism”  Community Builders Forum, Skokie Illinois.


Jan. 8, 2006.  “American Sufism”  Downtown Islamic Center, Chicago.


Jan. 10, 2006.  “Diversity in Islam: Media Representations”  Class in Journalism, Northwestern University, Evanston, Il.


Jan. 15, 2006 “Muslim Women’s Spirituality” for BVM National Meeting, Loyola University Chicago.


March 4, 2006. “Women and Religion”,  International Women’s Day Celebration, Des Plaines Turkish Community Center, Il.


March 19 “Women in Islam” ,  Unitarian Church, Hyde Park, IL


April 3, 2006. “End of Life Issues in Islamic Medical Ethics” Loyola Medical center, Maywood, IL.


April 16, 2006. Milad, Islamic Women’s Association, Islamic Foundation, Villa Park, IL.


April 20 “Mercy and Spiritual Transformation”,  Milad, Turkish Intercultural Club, Loyola University Chicago.


May 27, 2006 Workshop. “American Muslim Identity”,  Community Builders Chicago Convention, Rosemont, IL


June  4, 2006.  Welcome address. Iqra International Educational Foundation Banquet, Bloomingdale, Il


Sept. 22, 23, 2006  Presentations at the Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago IL for Conference on Christian Muslim Engagement for Peace and Justice.


Oct. 30, 2006. “Transforming the Self: Transforming Society” Muslim Christian Dialogue at the Siena Center, Dominican University, Lake Forest, Illinois.


Nov. 4, 2006 “Gender and Family Justice in Islam”, Evangelic Christian/Muslim Dialogue. North Park University, Chicago.


Jan. 6, 2007. “Reflections on the Hajj Pilgrimage: Patriarchal or Provocative”,  Abrahamic Traditions Dinner, Mount Prospect, Il.


Feb. 13, 2007.  Presentation at the Loyola Museum of Art on “Islam and Islamic Art”.


Feb. 17, 2007.  Panelist “Islam in Pakistan and Pakistanis in Chicago” Fulbright Association of Chicago.


March 7, 2007.  Presentation on “Basic Islam” at Christ Church, Episcopal, Winnetka, IL.


March 20, 2007. Panelist “Gender Apartheid: Fact or Fiction”, Loyola University Chicago.


March 21, 2007. Moderator, panel on “Understanding Mideast tensions and Hopes”, Peacemaking Conference, Loyola University Chicago.


April 2, 2007. Speaker. “Islam and Modernization”, Northeastern University Chicago.


April 27/28, 2007.  Respondent.  Jesus and Mary in Islamic and Christian Traditions, Nawawi Foundation Seminar, Oak Brook, IL.


April 30, 2007.  Presenter.  Honorary degree to Shirin Ebadi, Gannon Center/Loyola University Chicago.


May 3, 2007, Presenter, “Rumi A Voice for Our Times”.  Niagara Foundation, Chicago.


May  5, 2007.  Presenter.  Women in Religion and Culture.  Hellenic Museum, Chicago.


May 11, 2007. Lecture on “Sufism and the Modern” Frankfort Islamic Center, Frankfort, Il.


May 25, 2007. Presentation on Islam at Veterans Center, Evanston, IL.


May 27, 2007. Moderator.  Panel on Family Relationships, Community Builders Convention, Skokie, IL.


Sept. 8, 2007.  “Rumi: A Voice for our Times”.  Mount Prospect Library, Mount Prospect, IL.


Oct. 2.  Speaker, “Rumi Commemoration” North Park University, Chicago.



3. Service on Boards and Committees


Elected to Board, National Conference (formerly National Conference of Christians and Jews), San Diego, 1995-6.


Theology and the Natural Sciences (Templeton): Study of Islam, 1999.


Board, Iqra International Educational Foundation, Chicago, 2005-


Board, Community Builders Foundation, Chicago, 2005-


Board, Niagara Foundation, Chicago, 2006-.


Faculty Advisor, Muslim Student Association, Loyola University 1997-2005.


Faculty Advisor, Middle Eastern Students Association, Loyola University Chicago, 2003-2005.


Faculty Advisor, Turkish Intercultural Club, Loyola University Chicago, 2006-.


Theological Advisor, The Center for Spiritual Development in Childhood and Adolescence, Minneapolis, MN. 2006-.


Reviewer, Fulbright National Committee, Washington, 2006.


External Reviewer for a number of Ph. D. dissertations in Religious Studies and Sociology including Drew University, University of Exeter, University of Queensland.


4. Consultancy


Group Facilitator, Canada-Pakistan Round Table Consultation (sponsored by the Canadian International Development Agency), Toronto, Canada, January 29-31, 1986.


Consultant and Lecturer, Canadian International Development Agency, Ottawa, Canada.  Presentations on "Cross-Cultural Communication" (Pakistan), and "Islam in South Asia," May 1986.


Manuscript reviewer in Islamic Studies for State University of New York Press, Paragon Press, U. of Wisconsin, Prentice-Hall, Oxford U. Press, Blackwell.


Proposal Reviewer for the National Endowment for the Humanities, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, University of Alberta.


Evaluator.  National Endowment for the Humanities Four Week Institute for High School Teachers on "Islam: The Quran and the Hadith as Texts in Understanding Islamic Tenets, Civilization, and World View". New  Mexico, Aug. 1994.


Academic Consultant, Council for Islamic Education, Fountain Valley, CA


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5. Other


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