Aminah Beverly McCloud

1640 N. Mobile Avenue

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1993    Ph.D. Temple University: Islamic Studies

1987    M. A. Temple University: Islamic Studies

1977    B.Sc. Temple University: Pharmacy

1970    B. S. Lincoln University : Physics/Math


Academic Appointments:

2004    Director, Islamic World Studies Program

2003     Professor, Islamic Studies in Religious Studies, DePaul University

1996    Associate Professor, Islamic Studies in Religious Studies, DePaul University

1993    Assistant Professor, Islamic Studies in Religious Studies, DePaul University

1990    Instructor, Religious studies, DePaul University




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Chapters in Books


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*”African American Muslim Women,” in Islamica Magazine. To be published in 2008.


Dialogue is the Key to Peaceful Co-existence. Paper submitted and accepted for presentation in 2nd International Symposium on “Islam and the Dialogue of Civilizations.” To be held September 19-21, 2006 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Paper to be published date unknown. Symposium cancelled due to Israeli-Lebanese War.


“Fundamentalism: Islam as a Religion of Anti-modern Fanaticism,” in Concilium. 2001/4. The Netherlands.


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Encyclopedia Articles

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Book Reviews, Article Reviews, and Other Short writings

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Consultation Work


*Consultant. American Academy of Religion. Meetings with FBI officials and prison chaplaincy directors. November, 2007.


*Participant. Muslim Task Force. Chicago Council on Global Relations (formerly Council on Foreign Relations) 2006-2007


*Advisor, America at A Crossroads  PBS Series to air April 15-20, 2007


Academic Consultant. Saint Xavier University for conference on Muslim women to be held in November, 2006.


Expert Witness for Connor & Fletcher Attorneys at Law. Re: Muhammad v. Islamic Society of Orange County, et al. O.C. Sup. Ct. Case No 04CC02268. 2006. (Title VII).


Expert Witness for Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld Attorneys at Law. Re: Bacha Amin, A95-956-933. NYC0301002909. (Asylum Application). 2005.



Academic Consultant. EastWest Institute (Brussels, Moscow, New York, Prague) on “Educating All Americans about Islam and Muslims.” Began in 2004 and I am now the chair of the Task Force in 2005.


Academic Consultant and Community Leader to the Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs Task Force on “The Civic Integration of American Muslims and their Role in U.S. Relations with the Muslim World. 2005


Academic Consultant, Catholic-Muslim Studies Program at The Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Center. Pastoral Care, June, 2004.


Consultant. U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service – Midwest Region. Mosque building dispute, Morton Grove, Illinois. May, 2004


Consultant, the Center for Religious Architecture. March, 2004.


Expert consultant, Just Neighbors Ministry, Inc. Arlington Virginia. Immigration Case. 2004.  


Peer Reviewer. American Council of Learned Societies. 2000 – 2004.


Expert consultant,  Shahena Begum Khan – application for resident status. Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. 2004


Expert consultant, Small, et al v. New York Transit Authority 03 cv 2139 (RJD).  Scott, Mason-Kinsey & Hart LLP. 2004


Expert consultant,  Ambreen Ali v. U.S. Immigration Services, Sidley Austin Brown & Wood. 2004


Expert consultant, Wawdiwala v. CTA. Wrongful death case. Corby & Demetrio Associates. 2003.


Expert consultant, Johnson, et al. v. Overton, et al. Constitutional 1st Amendment case. Michigan ACLU. 2003

Expert Consultant, Ara v Kamal case. Divorce case. For Life Span Center for Legal Advocacy. 2001

Board member, Council on American-Islamic Relations – Chicago.


Board member, Feminist Sexual Ethics: Creating Debate on How to Respect the Full Human Dignity of All Persons. Brandeis University.

Academic Consultant, Islam in America. Carnegie Corporation of New York.


Executive Board Member of Boston Healing Landscape Project, Boston University School of Medicine


Current Editor of Journal of Islamic Law and Culture.


Academic advisor to Council on Islamic Education.


American Muslim Council.


Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding. Georgetown University


Project Affiliate – Muslims in the Midwest, The Pluralism Project. Harvard University.


Ford Foundation


Nomadic Pictures. Consultation on documentary built on Karen Armstrong’s text A History of God.


 “Rabah v Rabah.” Criminal and divorce case. Acted as Islamic legal expert.


 “Khan v Khan.” Divorce case. Acted as Islamic legal expert. 2000



Blackside TV Productions. Consultations on This Far by Faith. PBS documentary to air Fall, 2000.


National Research Council – refereeing as a member of the History, Philosophy & Religious Studies panel to evaluate applications for the Ford Foundation. 2000.


Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis – legal consultation involving Muslim prisoners. 1999.


Cook County District Attorney’s Office. Acted as expert on Islam in death penalty case State of Illinois v Cortez Brown. 1999


Northwestern Memorial Hospital – Arab/Islamic traditions related to dying and grieving for the Palliative Care and Home Hospice staff.


Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions. Consultation and designing exhibition posters for Parliament in South Africa 1999.



Reader on dissertation: American Medina: A Study of the Sunni Muslim Immigrant Communities in Chicago. Ph.D. dissertation for Garby Schmidt at University of Lund, Sweden. 1998.


Scholarly Presentations

* “Women in Islam .”  Muslim Heritage Celebrations. DePaul University. May 4, 2007.


* “Transnational Muslims in American Society.”  Beloit College. October 9, 2007.


* “Islamophobia” University of Pennsylvania. Islamic Awareness Week. October 24, 2007.


* “Iqbal’s Shikwah” – Video. Filmed at DePaul University. Pandagroove Productions. 2007.


* “Christian and Islamic Journeys & Quests.”  Catholic Theological Union. April 27, 2007.


* “Homegrown Terrorism and Radicalization,” The Critical Incident Analysis Group,  Charlottesville, Virginia. April 1-3, 2007.


 “Mosques and the West.” Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture symposium at MIT. April 21, 22 2006.


Ten Commandments in Islamic Thought. University of Wisconsin. April 13, 2006.


”Muslim Women in America.” Workshop at Conference. Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. September 23, 2006.


Panel on Islam and Sub-Saharan Africa. New York University Africa House. September, 2006.



 Islam in America: Finding Common Ground.” Keynote Speaker. Drake University. September 9-10, 2005.


 “Interreligious Study and Dialogue.” University of Southern Maine. June 22-24, 2005.


 “Muslims in America.” Bingham Young University. March 17-19, 2005.


 “Islam in America Since 9/11.” Presented ½ workshop in Reforms, Innovation and Change meeting for German National Academic Foundation. October 9, 2004.


 “Teaching About Islam in America.” Workshop series at Dar Islam. July9-July 12, 2004.


Presented, “Focus on Development in Iraq: Legal Education Reform & Human Rights Law” Illinois Society for International Development Series, June 8, 2004.


 “Challenges in Interfaith Youth Work.” Presented on panel- Critical Issues in Interfaith Work.  Interfaith Youth Core. DePaul University. May 17th, 2004.


The Terrorism of Language.” Conference on Terrorism and Extremism. Ibn Saud University. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. April 22-24, 2004.


“The Quandary of American Islams: Muslim World Culture and American Muslim Communities.” April 15, 2004. American Islams Conference. University of Illinois at Chicago.


“Islam in America: Post 9/11.” Winona State University. October, 2003.


“Islam in America: Post 9/11.” University of Arkansas. King Fahd Center for Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. September 26, 2003.


“A Challenging Intellectual Heritage: A Look at the Social and Political space of African American Muslims” in Islam in America. Washington D.C.: Woodrow Wilson Foundation. June, 2003.


“Islam in the African and African American Experience.” Ohio State University. May 4, 2002.


“The Global Connections of Our Collective Destiny.” Lecture given at Northeastern Illinois University. January 29, 2002.


Response to “Muslims in America: Identity, Diversity and the Challenge of Understanding” by Sam Afridi. Audio-press conference  hosted by Carnegie Corporation. November 28, 2001.


“Many Paths, One Destination: Hope.” Northeastern Illinois University, November 12. 2001.


“The Historical Significance of Juneteenth.” Talk, Harvey Islamic Center, June 19, 2001.


“Islam” for adult forum. St. Paul’s United Church of Christ. April Forum. April 1, 8, 22,29, 2001


 “The Muslim Patient” for the Operational Ethics Committee, Westlake Hospital. March 28, 2001.


The First Amendment Center on behalf of the Council on Islamic Education and the First Amendment Center. November 20, 2000.


”The Worldview of Islam.” Lecture given as part of EKKLESIA’s fall lecture series “The Power of Understanding Opens Hearts.” St. Giles McDonough Hall, Oak Park, Il. November 8, 2000.


”Polygamy: Is It The Answer to the African American Family Crisis?” The Media Connection, Chicago Access Corporation Studio. November 5, 2000.


 U.S. State Department – Open Forum. “The Muslim World’s View of the United States. October, 2000.


“Unity and Diversity in Muslim society.” Islam and society in the Twenty-first Century. Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. October 13-15, 2000.


”Islam in America – A Story.” Westminster American Muslim Association. White Plains, NY.  October 1, 2000.


“The Role of Islamic Centers in Political Empowerment.” Talk given July 8, 2000 at the American Muslim Council’s 9th National Convention. Washington, D.C.


”The Development of Islam in the 20th Century.” Conference on the Growth and Development of Islam in America. Harvard University. March 3-4, 2000.


"Malcolm X from an Islamic Perspective." Paper given at Penn State University, February, 1999.


Modernity and Postmodernity: Challenges to the Muslim World. Paper given at Stanford University, April 6, 1999.


Crossing Borders: The Lives of American Muslim Women;  New Ways of Interpreting Islamic Texts; The African American Expression of the Public and Private in Islam, a series of graduate seminars at The Department of Near Eastern Studies, Rackham Graduate School, University of Michigan. October 24-26, 1997.


Terrorism, presented in Italian Parliament. Conference convened under the auspices of NGOs, Human rights Organization. October 3, 1996. Rome, Italy.


Islam in America: the Perspective of American Muslim Women, The Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, CA. October 6, 1994.


Presenter, symposium: "Muslim Women's Voices."  The University of Georgia. Athens, GA., June 4, 1994.


African American Muslim Women in the Academy. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. February, 1994.


"Islam in America."  Emory University - Chandler School of Theology. November, 1993.



African American Islam and the Jewish Community. Presented at conference on Muslim-Jewish Dialogue. University of Denver, Institute for Islamic-Judaic Studies. October 24, 1993.


A Crisis in the Ummah: Race Relations Among Muslims, presented at First Conference of  North American Association of Muslim Professionals and Scholars. Chicago, April 9, 1993.


Feminist Scholarship in the American Context and How the Issues Raised can be Approached from an Islamic Perspective. The American Muslim Social Scientist meeting. University of Michigan, October 31, 1992.


Chairperson, Panel "African and African American Muslim Women," Conference on African and African American Women to be held in Egunu, Nigeria. July 12-22,1992.


Women in Islam. The Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture, May 30, 1992.


Muslim Identity in View of Bush's New World Order. Karachi, Pakistan, January 1992 Muslim Social Scientists.


The State of Islam in America.  March, 1991 at Manhattan College.


Muslims in America.  March, 1991 at Oberlin College, Department of Religion.


African American Muslim Homes in Philadelphia:  A Space of Cultural Formation and Separation.  Department of Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University, November, 1990.


Education and Contemporary Challenges in the Islamic World.  Princeton University  May, 1989.


Domestic Space Among Muslims in America.  Social Science Research Council, New York.  May, 1988.


African American Muslim Women.  American Academy of Religion, Islamic Studies Section, October, 1988.


Using Foucaultian Methodology to look at Communities of Women.  Drew University, October, 1988.


African American Muslim Women.  Conference on Muslims in America.  The University of Massachusetts, April, 1988.


Islam in America.  International Interreligious Dialogue,  Koblenz, West Germany, 1986



Participation in Scholarly Meetings:


American Academy of Religion. November, 2007.

Moderator, Panel on The Portrayal of Arab Americans. Middle East Studies Association. Washington, D.C. 2005.


Moderator, Panel on African American Islam in Honor of C. Eric Lincoln. AAR, San Antonio, Texas, November 22, 2004.


Participant, American Anthropological Association. Paper: “The Islamic Concept of Time.” November 17-21, 1999


Participant, workshop on “Muslims in American Public Square.” Georgetown University, September 25, 1999.


Participant, Advisory board. “This Far by Faith”. Blackside, Boston, MA. October, 1999.


Participant, conference on Islam in the West, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. September 26-28, 1997


Participant, panel on "Beyond the Parliament of Religions: The Chicago Metropolitan Interreligious Initiative." American Academy of  Religion.    November 20, 1994.


Participant, forum on "Religion and the Media." Loyola University. Chicago, IL  June 9, 1994.


Coordinator, mini-conference for scholars on "Islam in America." DePaul University, April, 1994.


Moderator, panel on "Muslim Women." Parliament of the World's Religions. Chicago, 1993.


Panel coordinator, "Politics and Scholarship of Gender."  21st Annual Conference of The Association of Muslim Social Scientists. East Lansing , Mich. October 31, 1992.


Coordinator, panel on "Women in Islam."  American Muslim Social Scientists, conference.  October 31, 1992. University of Michigan.


"Islamic Studies in America."  American Muslim Social Scientists Annual Meeting.  Detroit, 1991.



Other Professional Activities


*“Prayer in America” video for the Duncan Group and Iowa Public television. November, 2007.


External reviewer. Promotion to full professor for Professor Amina Wadud. Virginia Commonwealth University, 2006.


External reviewer. Tenure for Professor Muqtedar Khan. University of Delaware, 2006.


Consultant and on camera interview. The History and Impact of Prayer on American Society. The Duncan Group in partnership with Iowa Public Television. Based on James P. Moore’s One Nation Under God. In progress.


Panelist. “Understanding Islam in the Modern World.” University of Chicago. May 25, 2006.


Presenter. “The Mosque in the West,” symposium. Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture. MIT April 21-22, 2006.


Panelist. “Who Speaks for Islam.” LINK TV, February 5, 2005.


Board member, Radio Islam. 2005.


Editor in Chief, Journal of Islamic Law and Culture


Panelist – “Page One” – Chicago Humanities Festival. 2004.


Panelist, “How the U.S. and Islamic World Can work together.” Americans for Informed Democracy Symposium. University of Chicago,  October, 2004.


Panelist. “An Interfaith View” – Church as Mission. Glenmary Symposium. Louisville, Kentucky October 4, 2004.


Panelist, “Issues Confronting Muslim Americans Since 9/11.” International Association of Official Human Rights Agencies. August, 2004.


Participant, Bughouse Square Debates. Newberry Library. July, 2004


Participant, CAIR- anniversary Seminar. June, 2004.



Organizer of “Media and the Middle East – A Town Hall Meeting.” June 6, 2001 at DePaul University. To be broadcast September 16, 2001 on CAN-TV channel 19.


Continuing work with Council for Parliament of the World’s Religion. I made panel that represented Islam in South African Conference of Parliament and now we are working to make reproductions. Summer, 2001



Mentor, for Loren Lybarger in Luce Fellowship program at University of Chicago Divinity School. January – June, 2001.


Participation as American representative. St. Catharine’s Conference, 6-9 July 2000 “Christians and Muslims in the Commonwealth: A Dynamic Role in the Future. The Great Park, Windsor, England.


Primary Curator and Director: Exploring Muslim Cultures Project commences March, 2000 and ends July, 2000.


Muslim scholar participant. “Youth Development and the Roles, Contributions and Value of Faith and Spiritually in the African American Muslim Communities.” Center for Youth Development & Policy Research. Meeting held in New York City. February 2-4, 2000.


The Middle East. ABC Sunday News Special. May, 1999.


Appeared as representative of Council of Islamic Organizations in Chicago and Islamic scholar from DePaul University on PBS Special on Chicago Matters, April 8, 1996.


Appeared as Islamic scholar on Lehrer News Hour, March 14, 1996.


Advisory Board, Council on Foreign Relations. Muslim Politics Project. April 24-25, 1995.


Principal coordinator first annual interdisciplinary conference, "Islam in America," to be held at DePaul University September 29-October 1, 1995.


Researcher, Islam in Federal Penitentiaries.  Conducting interviews with male Muslim prisoners at U.S.P. Marion and female Muslim prisoners at the Medical Center, Lexington, Kentucky, 1993.



Producer, " Introduction to Islam." Multimedia computer project for university teaching.  DePaul University, 1993.


Project coordinator, archival project on Islam in America.  DePaul University Library.


Researcher, project on "Islam in the African American Experience." Project directed by C. Eric Lincoln (Duke University) and Lawrence Mamiya (Vassar College).


Participant, 1993 Taft Seminar on politics.  Day workshop on Islam.  July 15, 1993.  Loyola University, Chicago, IL.


Participant, scholarly and professional group looking at religious group endowments, empowerment and economic development at The Chicago Theological Seminary.


Project Evaluator for the Lilly Endowment Fund in Islamic Studies, 1993.


Participant in project examining "Philanthropy among African American Leaders" at Christian Seminary in Chicago, 1993.


Participant with the DePaul Law School Center for Church and State on the religious institutions in the Muslim communities in America.


Member of Board of Center for American Muslim Research & Information.        


Research in Chicago on Muslim communities.  In this ongoing research I am in the process of collecting data on the various Muslim communities in Chicago and producing a video that projects an accurate picture of their history and concerns.


Video production. "Islam in Chicago," video on Muslim communities in Chicago.  Edit in progress. 



Nomination of Transnational American Muslims for Zora Neale Hurston-Richard Wright Award in non-fiction literature, 2006.


In a Class By Themselves” Media Award from DePaul University Media Relations.

September, 2006.


4th Recipient of the Dr. Betty Shabazz Award. Awarded June 26, 2005.


Research/ Leave Grant, DePaul University. Fall, 2001 for work on The Nation of Islam: A Closer Look.


Research Grant, DePaul University LA&S  Faculty Research and Development Grant for  research on Immigrant American Islam. (2000)


Graham Foundation Grant for Architecture in Exploring Muslim Cultures (2000)


Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Matching Grant for Exploring Muslim Cultures (2000)


Instruction Grant, DePaul University Quality of Instruction Council for Instructors Retreat to work on courses for Exploring Muslim Cultures Project (1999)


Illinois Humanities Grant for Exploring Muslim Cultures (1999)


Vincentian Award for Exploring Muslim Cultures (1999)


Ford Foundation for project on Civil Rights and African American Muslims (1999)


Grant from DePaul University’s Center for the Study of Values (1999)


Fulbright Scholar Award to teach and research in Morocco. 1995-1996


Conference Grant, DePaul University Research Council1995


Conference Grant, DePaul University Research Council1994


Research Grant, DePaul University Research Council1993


Instruction Grant, DePaul University Instruction Council 1993


Service to the University

*Public Appearances on TV, radio as expert on Islam in America

*Islam: Image v Reality town hall meeting series 2006-2007

Executive vice-President for Academic Affairs Search Committee

Commentary on Islam and Muslims for local and national newspapers

Exploring Muslim Cultures Project

Review committee for Dean of LA&S

Faculty Council’s Committee on Curriculums and Programs

Chair, Search Committee for the Senior Officer for Diversity


Service to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

*Director, Islamic World Studies Program

*Member, Grade Challenge Committee

Executive Board of Humanities Council (3rd term)

Chair, planning committee for Islamic World Studies Major

Planning committee for Black and African Diaspora Studies Program

Liberal Arts and Science Curriculum Committee

Assessment Capstone Committee

Center for the History and Culture of Black Diaspora F. Douglas Award Committee

Board of Black and African Diaspora Studies Program

Initiator of Center for Black and African Diaspora Annual Fireside Chat

Managing Editor, Journal of Islamic Law and Culture


Service to the Department of Religious Studies

*Search Committee, 2007

Future Directions Committee

Search Committee for African American Religious Studies

Curriculum & Assessment Committee

Capstone Committee

Personnel Committee

Mentor of Luce Fellows

Mentor to Majors


Service to the Community




Participant, Town hall meeting. The Civil Rights Education Center. Chicago, Il. May 22, 2006.


Keynote  lecture. “The Most Perfect Women” – Muslim Women’s Retreat. Jackson, MI. June 4, 2006.


Keynote Speech.” Fundraising dinner. The Urban Muslim Minority Alliance. June 23, 2006.


Speech. Fundraising dinner. Radio Islam. January 7, 2006.


Discussion dinner. Exelon Corporation June 15, 2005.


Talk on Spirituality and Social Justice.” University of Chicago Muslim Students Association Annual Dinner. February 12, 2005.


Participation in discussion “Immigration, Tolerance and the Dutch Dilemma.” February 16, 2005. Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs and the Consulate General of the Netherlands. The Chicago Club.


Participant in Discussion between Belgium Muslims and American Muslims on the European Muslim Dilemma. Brussels, October, 2005.


*Host, Radio Islam


Inauguration speaker.Lansing, Michigan Chapter of the American Muslim Council.  May, 2001.


DePaul hostess/moderator for DePaul and greater Chicago community participation in Millennium Peace Summit via satellite with religious leaders at U.N. August 24, 2000.


Discussant, “Common traditions surrounding death and dying in the Muslim community.” Horizon Hospice, Chicago. August 17, 2000.


Member, Metropolitan Interreligious Task Force of The Worlds

Parliament of Religions. Chicago


Work with Chicago hospitals and hospices on interfaith issues


American Muslim Council, advisory board member


Council on American-Islamic Relations, executive board member


Council for American –Muslim Understanding, board member


Crescent University Project, board member


Islamic Society of North America, frequent lecturer


Muslim American Society, consultant and frequent lecturer