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            Ph. D.     McGill University, Islamic Law (2001)

            M.A.       Concordia University, History and Philosophy of Religion (1997)

            B.A.        Imam Muhammad Bin Saud University, Islamic Law (1988).

            B.A.        Interamerican University, Religion and Psychology (1976).


            Ph. D. Dissertation: “Development of an Archetype: Studies in the Shurayh Traditions.”   

M.A. Thesis: “The Jewish and Christian Influences on the Eschatological Imagery of Sahih




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BlackBoard Training, August 2003



English, French, Arabic, Akawaio, Malay.

Hebrew: Minimal reading and writing ability.

Java Malay script: Read and Write.



July 2006-Present: San Diego State University, Department of Religious Studies, Associate


August 2003-June 2006: San Diego State University, Department of Religious Studies.

              Assistant Professor.

June 2001-August 2003: Brandeis University, Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies.

            Kraft-Hiatt Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer in Islamic Studies.

2002-May 2003: Hebrew College, Newton, MA. Visiting Professor in Qur’an.

2000-2001: McGill University, Institute of Islamic Studies. Lecturer in Arabic.

Summer 1999: Sana’a University, Yemen. Department of Religion. Visiting Professor.

Summer 1998: Al-Hawza al-‘Ilmiyya, Damascus, Syria.  Visiting Professor in Sunni Theology.

Spring 1997: Concordia University, Department of Religion. Teaching Assistant: Introduction to

            the History and Religion of the Jews (Rel. 222). Course Instructor: Rabbi Howard Joseph.

Fall 1996: Concordia University, Department of Religion. Teaching Assistant:  Social History of

            Christianity (Rel. 305), Concordia University. Course Instructor: Dr. Rosemary Hale.

1985-1988: Muhammad b. Saud University. Lecturer: Center for Teaching of Ara bic.

1986-1988: Muhammad b. Saud University. Lecturer: English Language.



October 26, 2004. Continuing Education Center, Rancho Bernardo, CA. “Islam Under Siege.”

August 17-22, 2003. The Wexner Foundation Graduate Fellowship Summer Program:

            “The 70 Faces of Israel,” Stowe, VT. 

August 10-15,2003. Brandeis in the Berkshires, Lenox, MA. Presenter and Program Moderator:

            “Islam, Judaism and Christianity: Pluralism and Discord in the Contemporary World.”

July 21, 2003. The Gralla Program for Journalists, Brandeis University. Presenter: “The Jews in

            Contemporary Arab Journalism.”

April-May 2002. The New Jewish High School, Waltham, MA. Lecturer: “Introduction to             Islam.”



·         NEH grant “The History of War and Peace in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Co-participant with Professors Moore, Begler and Meltzer. Spring 2008 (29982.00).

·         College of Arts and Letters Micro-grant for Hadith Research, SDSU, November 2006

·         Tel Aviv University Workshop Award, June 12-29, 2006, Israel.

·         Fred Hansen Institute of Peace Project for Guyana, 2006-2007 (35000.00)

·         Kraft-Hiatt Postdoctoral Fellowship, Brandeis University: 2001-2003.

·         Translation  Fellowship from The Religion Research Foundation, 2001-Present.

·         Fonds pour la formation de Chercheurs et l’aide à la Récherche, 1997-2000.

·         Institute of Islamic Studies Fellowships, 1998, 1999, 2000-2001.

·         McGill Graduate Studies Travel Grant, 1998.

·         Saudi Arabian Government Scholarship, 1982-1989.

·         Muhammad bin Saud University, Outstanding Student, 1985.

·         Muhammad bin Saud Travel Grants 1984-1988.

·         St. Francis Xavier Scholarship for study in Mexico, 1973-1976.



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