T.O.Shanavas. M.D. F.A.A.P

954 Woodfield Dr

Adrian, MI 49221

Phone: 517-265-7644 (H)

             517-263-6733 (O)

Email: shanavas@comcast.net




Fellowships:      American Academy of Pediatrics.

                        American College of International Physicians.


Current Professional Activity: Pediatric Practice, Adrian, Michigan.


Professional memberships:       

American Medical Association.

            American Academy of Pediatrics

            Michigan Medical Society.

            Lenawee County Medical Society.


Professional leadership positions held:

            President, Lenawee County Medical Society.

            Chief of Staff, Bixby Medical Center, Adrian, Michigan..

            Chairman, Department of Pediatrics Committee of Bixby Medical Center.


Professional recognition:           

* Listed in the Best Doctors in America.

* The Detroit Free Press listed in the Best doctors in the State of Michigan.

            * Received “2000 Provider Recognition Award” from The State of Michigan.

* Received “Special Tribute” of recognition from Governor of Michigan,

   John Engler (issued on April18, 2000).

* The Daily Telegram recognized as the best pediatrician of Lenawee County,




Non-Professional association membership and Activities:          

Vice President, Islamic Research Foundation, Inc

Co-editor, The Alternate Voice, Toledo, Ohio.

Served in the elected Council of Islamic Center of Greater Toledo, Ohio.

Served as Editor of Monitor, Published by Islamic Center of Greater Toledo.

Freedom Writer for Amnesty International.

Member, National Center For Science Education, Berkeley, California.

Member, Adrian Rotary Club.

            Member American Civil Liberty Union.

            Member, National Center for Science Education.

            Member, N.A.A.C.P.


Invited Speaker:


         Islamic Studies Department, University of Kentucky, Lexington: Topic: “Did

         Adam and Eve have Belly Buttons: Human Origin and Islam.” April 16, 2007.


         University of Missouri: Topic: “Theory of Evolution and Islam.” November 22,



        Thomas Jefferson School of Science and Technology, Alexandria, Virginia: Topic:

        “Human Origin by Evolution: Is it an Islamic Blasphemy.”  January 3, 2008.


         Muslim Unity Center, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Topic: “Theory of Evolution

         and Islam: Compatible or Incompatible.” March 21, 2008.


        Las Vagas Islamic Center, Las Vagas, NV. Topic: “Human Origin by Evolution: An

        Islamic Perspective.” April 5, 2008.




Publications by T.O.Shanavas:


                  Author of Book: “Creation AND/OR Evolution An Islamic Perspectives.

                 [ISBN: 1-4134-6581-1]” 2005. Publisher: Xlibris, Philadelphia, PA


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