Current position: Professor of Islamic History and Associate Director,

                  Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding

                  Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service

                  Georgetown University


            Mailing address:                                            Personal status:  married

            4000 Cathedral Ave, NW, Apt 652B            Citizenship: U.S.A.

            Washington, DC 20016 USA                        Born:  20 April 1936

            Tel: 202-337-4363 (home)                             in Wisc., USA

                   202-687-0288 (office)                             

                   202-965-2139 (FAX)




            Ph.D.(1969) Harvard University (History/Middle East Studies)

            A.M. (1960) Harvard University (Middle East Studies)

            A.B. (1958) Dartmouth College (History major, Senior Fellow, Phi Beta Kappa, Summa                                  cum laude)



            1995- . Professor of Islamic History, Georgetown University

Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding. Associate Director (1995-2004; 2005- ). Director (2004-2005).

            1965-1995. History teacher, University of New Hampshire.

                        1965-1969. Instructor in History

                        1969-1974. Assistant Professor of History

                        1974-1982. Associate Professor of History

                        1982-95. Professor of History. (Chair, 1988-91, 1994-5)

   Professional & Public Organization Activity

            American Council of Learned Societies. Delegate from Constituent Society (Middle East Studies Ass'n); Delegates Executive Committee (1989-92; chair, 1990-2) Board of Directors (1990-92); Fellowship Program (Prescreener 1990, 1991; National Panel 1996, 1997).

            American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies. Board of Directors (1984- ); 1986 Program Chair; 1996 Program Committee; Vice President (1988-91).

            American Historical Society. Program Chair for 1999 Annual Meeting.

            The College Board. History & Social Sciences Advisory Committee (1983-87); European History & World Cultures Achievement Test Committee (1983-88; chair, 1985-88)

            Council for Basic Education. Review panel for National World History Standards, 1995.

            Fuller Theological Seminary. Muslim-Christian Just Peacemaking Project, National Advisory Board (2004-  )

            Harvard University Board of Overseers Visiting Committee for the Center for Middle Eastern Studies (2003-06 )

            Hotchkiss School, Advisory Committee of the Middle East Study Center (1993-95)

            Institute of Islamic and Social Sciences (Virginia). Academic Advisory Board (1995- )

            International Journal of Middle East Studies. Board of Editors (1991-2).

            Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations. Co-editor for Book Reviews (1995- )

            Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies (electronic, University of Bergen). Editorial Board (1997- )

            Keybridge Films, Academic Advisory Board for “On Islam: Past and Present.” (2004-  )

            Middle East Policy Council (Washington). Advisory Committee (1994- )

            Middle East Studies Association. President (1992-3). Humanities Dissertation Prize Committee (1982, 1983); Nominating Comm. (1984); Board of Directors (1987-89, 1991-94); Ethics Committee (1987-89; Chair, 1988-89); Chair, Hourani Book Prize Committee, 1997; Chair, Program Committee for 1999 Annual Meeting; Committee on Electronic Communication (1999- )

            National Security Education Program. Group of Advisors (1993-97).

            New England Council of Middle East Studies. Board of Directors (1991-93).

            New England Historical Association. President (1982-83); Secretary (1975-78); Vice Pres. (1981-82); Executive Committee (1983-85).

            New Hampshire Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History. Board of Directors (1982-85).

            New Hampshire Council on World Affairs. Board of Directors (1978-2000).

            New Hampshire Council on the Humanities. Board of Directors (1991-95); Executive Committee (1993-95)

            Organizing Committee, Conference on the Role of Advocacy in the Classroom (MESA representative, 1993-95)

            Sudan Studies Association. Board of Directors (1981-82; 1994-98); Co-Executive Secretary (1990-94).

            World History Association. Executive Council (2005-  ); NEH Outside Evaluator for "Teaching a Global Perspective," Collaborative Pre-Service Teacher Training Project (1999-2001)


  University of New Hampshire Responsibilities (Selected)

            Department of History, Chair. (1988-91; 1994-95); Curriculum Coordinator (1970-72, 1974-78, 1979-81).

            Center for International Perspectives. Acting Director (1986-7)

            Religious Studies Program. Executive Committee (1979-94); Program Coordinator (1982-84)

            University General Education Committee (1990-91)

            Center for the Humanities Executive Committee (1988-90)

            New Hampshire State University System. System Academic Planning Council (1982-84)

            Social Science Division. Chair (1970-71, 1980-81).

            Phi Beta Kappa Chapter. President (1980-82)

            University Academic Senate. (1970-71; 1981-83)

  Georgetown University:

            Core Faculty, School of Foreign Service (1995- )

            Director, Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (2004- ), Associate Director (1995-2004).

            Director, Certificate Program in Islam and Muslim-Christian Relations (1997- )

            Director, Master of Arts Program in Liberal Studies (1999- )

            Director, National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute for Teachers (1999): "Islam and the 21st Century: Heritage & Prospects."

            Search committees for Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (1995-96); Core Faculty, School of Foreign Service (1995-96, 1997-98)

            University Honor Council (1997-99)

            History Department. Undergraduate Program Committee(1996-2000);

            School of Foreign Service. African Studies Special Task Force (1999-2000); Chair, Field Committee on International History (2000- )



            Member of Phi Beta Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Alpha Theta

            1992-1994 Class of 1941 Professor of International Studies     (University of New Hampshire)

            1992-1993 US Institute of Peace Grant for research on "Democracy, Identity, and Conflict Resolution in the Islamic World."

            1991. Presidential (Egypt) Badge of Honor in Arts & Sciences (Presented on Birthday of the Prophet)

            1990-1992. National Endowment for the Humanities, Interpretive Research Program Grant: "Scholar-Activists in Contemporary Islam."

            1989. University of New Hampshire Summer Faculty Fellow

            1984-1985. Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

            1978-1979. Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad Fellowship

                               Social Science Research Council Fellowship (Egypt)

            1971-1972. Younger Humanist Fellowship, National Endowment for the Humanities (Lebanon).

            1969. University of New Hampshire Summer Faculty Fellow

            1964-1965. Harvard Graduate Teaching Fellow

            1962-1964. Ford Foundation Foreign Area Training Fellow

            1960-1961. Harvard/ Sheldon Travelling Fellow

            1958-1965. Danforth Foundation Graduate Fellow

            1954-1958. Daniel Webster National Scholar (Dartmouth)


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